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Have checked the fuses and found no blown fuses
Is there a common issue that would cause them all to not work.
Harness light was on for an hour or more
Started my car this morning and the entire audio/information screen is blank. The radio will not work, the reverse camera will not work, and the thermostat will not show up. I can heat the car, but I can not tell what temp it is on. Any ideas??
A friend is having trouble with her 2004 Honda Pilot's brakes. When the weather gets very cold, sometimes the brakes won't "catch." This usually happens when the car is first started, but has happened after she had been driving a little while. She's had it to the Honda dealer three times and they have no idea. Does anyone know what this could be? Other than dangerous.
averaging 8 miles per gallon
I have a 2005 Honda Pilot. Changed rear pads. Noticed the pins that hold the caliper have a little play left to right. Is this normal? Also, replacing the inside pad is REALLY tight. How snug should those be? Since I have changed the brakes there is a squeak and seems like the pads don't float correctly.
Have had the brakes and rotors replaced. The light seems to reset when each time the vehicle is started but comes back on shortly after driving. Lost brakes once but pumped the brakes and they came back. Once home checked the reservoir, it was full.
Do i dare drive the vehicle on a 1500 mile trip without replacing it. It is a long slit but does really not have a gap and the vehicle seems to run fine??
Can't select 2015 Pilot, but that is what I have. This morning after starting, door alarm chiming while interior lights on while driving. Won't turn off. All doors are closed. Can't turn interior lights off. dashboard showing all doors open. OMG...HELP!
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