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The rear door mechanism is loose and squeaks when I hit bumps in the road. How do I tighten?

Just got it repaired and the check engine light comes on - can't figure out the problem

2004 Honda Pilot - I have trouble filling up the tank about 60 - 70% of the time. It takes about 1/2 a gallon and then pump shuts off. When it does take gas normally, it doesn't know it's full. It is a 18.5 gallon tank and sometimes it takes over 20 gallons.

Whydoes the differential need to be flushed at 15000 miles

we does the rear differential need to be flushed at 15,000 miles

Have a 2004 Honda Pilot with 125,000 miles, grinding noise from front end at low speeds--more noticeable when turning left--seems to come from right front wheel. Wheel Bearings? Brake pads/rotors? Grinding noise, not a squeal or screech. Just replaced inner tie rod ends--do not know if any connection.

mainteance required light on with 53,000 miles

I just had my 2004 Honda Pilot EXL serviced at a Honda dealership on April 11. They did a tranny flush and replaces the 4th gear pressure with because my "D" light was blinking. All was well until this past Monday when the light came back on again. Then last night I noticed there was zero tranny fluid in my car. It all leaked out. So today I had it towed to Honda and they told me it was the pressure tap. I've never heard of a pressure tap and when I got home I did a search and came up with no results. Just wanted to see if anyone knew what this was. Thanks!

Master cylinder was repaired last November, 2010. Now it has problem with brake when I step on the pedal and it sometimes goes all the way to the floor, again. It sometimes is fine. ON and off with the brake pedal. Why?? Is master clyinder lemon? or what?

Hoping to get a lot of miles out of the Honda...whats the prevent maintenance that's absolutely necessary at saying I need various fluid changes.

My Vehicle turns over but it won't start and it has gas flow, also has electric to the sparkplugs.. I'm not sure what's wrong and need I some help..

how to change sparkplugs on a 2005 Honda Pilot

My car had a rear end collision. What checks should I ask the Honda shop to do to verify drive train is in good working order?

today a wrench appeared and there is B 16 code what does that mean

The green light on the switch does come on but when trying to sset the cruise control from the stearing wheel nothing happens.

My SRS light is on

When I make a sharp turn (left or right)the power steering unit whines. It only started in the last two weeks. I haven't found any leaks, does anyone have an idea?

tailgate is close but it still shows that the tailgate is open will not respond to the remote how to clear are does the sensor on tailgate needs to be replace

I saw some oil splatter under my hood today. I first saw a small drip under car but saw splattered oil under hood when I checked oil (which was not low). I wonder if the oil filter went bad (had this problem in Feb after a Jan oil change and I wonder if that place was just a bad place). However, I also saw on internet where someone noted possible motor mount issue, and I remember Honda dealer had tried to get me to change that last year (but even they noted not needed right then).

Steering Wheel feels choppy when turning...
Not all the time, it's inconsistent.
Maybe not exactly choppy but feels more like something's slipping and I need to hold on to the wheel tight

As we accelerate and the car shifts into higher gears,there is a shudder from the engine area. We can accelerate through this every time making it go away. Is this a tranny issue or is this possibly our gas pedal failing us due to it being electronic vs. cabled?

Need to get papers back that went under the front of the console, off the cover

how do you replace the sideview mirror on a honda pilot 2009

replaced battery, technician says its not the battery, its the starter crancking over slow

I just had the oil serviced on my 2005 Pilot and they advised I replace two motor mounts, which I did. I get the car back and now it is leaking oil badly. I took it back and they are now telling me it's likely the rear main seal. What could have caused this? Anything from the work they just did with the motor mount replacements, adding too much oil, what? I did not have any leaks prior to this work and find it too coincidental that this would happen immediately after.


car started fine in the morning in the afternoon it wont start. got a jump started right up. the following day started up fine again. the batery on the key remote is low, does this have anything to do with it?

then front heater fan is so loud you can't talk to people in the car when it is on high. The sound gets lower if you turn the fan down, but does not go away. At first I thought something maybe fell down the vent, but it seems to be happening to the fan on my second 2005 Honda pilot also, what gives? How do I fix this annoying noise?

When the vehicle accells to 68-75 mph a vibration comes from the front drivers side. The sound keeps pulsating in three to five second bursts.......

When blinkers are turned on interiour lights blink