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Should I stick with Honda parts, or is it o.k. to use OEM for this maintenance?

What's an average cost for honda parts vs. OEM?

How many labor hours should this maintenance take to complete?

My Honda dealer said the drain plug seal is leaking and it cannot be repaired owing to the way the case is designed. Says I have to replace the entire rear differential. Does Honda's product design require replacement over repair? If it needs to be replaced: rebuilt, OEM, or Honda brand parts?

Honda Pilot 4 Wheel Drive


I have had a cylinder drop out and I believe it's the coil and need specs. Thanks!!

I have had many cars in my life and never had this problem. It's either an Engineering problem or a defective part. It's not like the engine is rumbling like a souped up Nova or anything. Honda says it isn't their fault. It only has 85,000 miles on it. The motor mounts may have been cracked for a long time. The car was bought new and never been in a wreck.

I believe it is the actutator of the car door locks. But all of a sudden the door does not work with my auto key lock and unlock. This happens only to two of the door.

Does anyone know where I can get download a free service manual? Where is EGR valve located and how difficult of a repair is it? Thought I'd try changeing it out before bringing to shop. Any insight and help would be great.

The VTM4 light comes on once in awhile. Why? It's all wheel drive, and this light should only come on after you shift to low gear, and push VTM button. It doesnt run or handle differntly, I'm guessing EGR valve? Any suggestions? Are repairs fairly simple or should I let a shop deal with it. Thanks

what does 2007 honada pilot transmission looks like

i want to know where to find 2007 honda pilot transmission drain plug

My 2007 Honda Pilot 79000 miles does not seem to take bumps in the road as well as it used to. Even my husband commented on it. I have gotten new Michelin tires and no improvement.

Doors won't lock using remote for both passenger side doors.
Could this be a fuse issue and not a lock actuator issue?

does the power train warranty of 12500 cover the 2007 suspension aligment it's eating tire bad in the rear end

how do you change 2004 honda pilot fuel pump?

How often should I change it

I live in Sacramento ca.

I drive at 60-67 mph.

Never and hard acceleration.

I tried looking it up on the Repair Pal estimator and had no luck.

Took in my Honda Pilot for a recall on the seatbelt stitching and was notified that the front lower compliance bushings were torn and leaking. They needed to be replaced and since our warranty just ended in October of last year, it was going to cost us $1200.00. Our Pilot has 43,000 miles on it.

I was told that I had to have platinum plugs or I could damage my engine?

one minute they work the next they don't. All go out at the same time

Is it possible that when replacing the steering rack they could have impacted the air bag? The airbag light is going on and started once a I got the car back from the dealer.

Do I have to take to dealership or can I just fix it myself?

Between 20 and 35 miles per hour I hear a rubbing sound in the front end like something is sticking.

They said its some sensor - what is that and how much will that cost
Do you have to have the water pump replaced at 120,000 can't afford the whole service = whats most important to have done

I have tried reseting the battery cable, did not work.

check engine light on was told its egr valve

Brakes checked out by two separate shops and said ok. If you have heard of similar problem, please advise.

engine oil is driping

Low beams will not burn

Warrantee is now over (100,000 mi. I have been told by one repair shop that I need the following:
new shocks
new struts
new brake fluid
radiator flush
new hoses
new thermostat
new spark plugs
clean valves of carbon
new freon in A/C

The estimate is close to $2000. Is there any way of finding a reasonable cost and wear guideline? I am not experiencing ANY problems with the vehicle and had it serviced religiously by Honda up to 100,000 miles and don't know this shop that well. I will shop around but I would like to know what normal expectations of wear, relacement time and costs might be.