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Driving and the headlight went out. Changed the bulb but neither low or high beam will work on the passengers side. Keeps blowing low bulbs.
This is an intermittent problem which makes it very hard to get fixed. There is a loud knocking sound coming from the front right. It only happens when you accelerate (immediately). When it's "bad" it sounds like hitting the frame with a hammer - a loud clunking noise.

I've already replaced all the motor mounts,sway bay links,control arms,both front drive axles and front rotors and pads
Need to find out why it is squeaking there is no sounds when turning or difficulties when turning wheel it sounds like it's coming from power stearing pump or around it No pulleys are loose and belt is not wet or in bad condition need advice before pay for part and change it and turn out to not be problem.
hi, I changed brake pads for 2005 Honda Pilot. After changing it, the car doesn't turn on. On dash board ABS, TPMS, VSA light on & click continuously & doesn't turn on the engine. Pls suggest. Thanks.
My new 2016 Pilot EX-L does not have heated door mirrors. Is the wiring harness in the door the same as the pilots with heated door mirrors?
My car suddenly won't start. Installed a new battery but the problem persists. Have cleaned terminals and relay. It also lights up the "P" and "D" when the key is turned. This is something new. The starter solenoid is not making any click, so it appears that there is no power to the starter. Any suggestions?
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