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Recently had 3rd and 4th gears pressure sensors replaced. Now cruise control does not turn on/set speed.
replaced alternator, battery is new, its charging fine. The only problem is battery light keeps blinking on and off. Checked for loose cables, corrosion anything, there is nothing. Could it be a fuse or a fuseable cable the problem? Or will the system reset its self?
we had vibration in steering while and went back to dealer where purchased
Hoped it was the $20 PVC valve, it's not. No obv oil leaking. HELP?
The catalyst indicator at the smog test center indicates the unit cannot be tested. I've been to the smog test center 3 times. thanks.
Changed pigtail in April but out again,
dealer says may need to change wiring harness (don't know exactly what they meant). worked fine for a while then rt side upper light started coming on instead of lower like normal, now not working at all again.
The car is driving a bit clunky too, this just happened yesterday. It is always maintenance by Honda, and has approximately 92K miles.
2011 Honda Pilot has an odor coming from the air conditioner air . Smells like stale air or tar ?
I had the car towed and added water to my battery and cleaned it. Got a jump from someone and the car ran fine. Later that day it did the same thing again. Went and had battery and alternator tested and both test good. So what do I need to do to find out whats wrong. It doesn't do it all the time.
Driving and the headlight went out. Changed the bulb but neither low or high beam will work on the passengers side. Keeps blowing low bulbs.
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