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What do codes p1393 and p1406 mean?

So i flooded my 1996 honda passport about 2 moths ago(hood was underwater). (yes i know my dumb A$$ falt).

And since then it has not start checked starter its fine as well as the alt, battery, replaced all the fuses and relays but still no start( like the starter is not even kicking in but its getting power.

so with the starter i tested the wire coming from the ignition and there is no power getting to it so i am thinking about replacing the ignition switch and all the wiring for it to the starter.

Go ahead or anything else i should try first
Est cost of job: $250

changed out sparkplugs and oil still wont turn over turn the ke and nothing happens starter wont even kick in

All the autoparts websites say it is located in the upper radiator house but there is only a hard pipe straight into the engine, the lower radiator hose actually goes into a removeable part which is where I am guessing the thermostat actually might be please tell me if this is where it is?

remove transmission fluid pad

first, second,third, fifth ,gears are gone. Fourth gear and reverse still work

what kind of freon do I buy for aircondition charge

how do u take timing belt pulley off cam on a 1996 honda passport

the head bolts r stripped how do i get them out

mechanic says that he has to remove exhaust parts to get at and remove the starter.. is that true??

how do u take the head off a 1996 honda passport 3.2 liter engine

one cd is stack

what causes oil to get on my spark plugs

i got new battery new alternator the alternator is not charging the battery

the check engine light came on and the fuel level hand does not register acurately.the diagnosis was fuel sending unit.also a warning about a co2 sensor? your knowlege of this could help me greatly! thanks.

when the honda is drove on freeway at speed of 65to75 the trans light comes on flashing the honda still drives fine.if I slow down to were the trans has to shift again or get off the trans shifts hard until I turn off engine and restart.

needs new torsion bars but i cant find any anyone know where i can get them

what is the geart ratio of a 95 honda passport

Ran out of gas, re-fueled with about 5 gallons and now passport won't start. I feel I may have clogged fuel filter with tank sediment.

i had my radior replace after that my transmission fuild leaked out how to i add fuild

Car is jerking when I accelerate from a complete stop and the abs light is on

It occurs when I am accelerating from a complete stop, the problem is getting worse by the day, the abs light came on this morning

i want to put a 2" lift on this truck so i can 4x4 better and the suspension needs replacement should i just do the lift and forget the suspension? i know that putting a suspention lift on it requiers ne leaf springs(kits) and front shocks.
and will it effect my drive system, i was told it would damage it when i had my gmc jummy and was told that it would be better to put a body lift on it

i changed the spark plugs on my truck and cylinder 5 and 6 are full of oil,(spark plugs and plug cylinders are covered in oil)
could this be something as simple as Spark Plug Tube Seals a blown head gasket or cracked/warped head? Or am I looking at something more extensive it still runns and drives fine other than it has off and on a low knocking noise
And can i "unplug" the sparkplugs from the wiring tell i can get the problem fixed without hurting the engine? to avoid Miss-fire??

I get the code p1171 on my odb2 machine which means Throttle Actuation Potentiometer Sign. 2 Range/Performance. How would this cause my car to run? and how do I go about fixing this problem?

i need new leaf springs but i dont know where to get them other than the dealer any help??
Or can i convert it to a regular suspenstion system with shocks/struts

My 99 passport 2wd has a mysterious knock when turning sharply. It will only do it once if you stay in drive. If you go in reverese it will do it once with a sharp turn. After examining the ball joints, tierod ends, and the sway bar, I saw that the ball joints were shot, tierod ends were ok, but i replaced them any way. The bump is no where near as noticable, but there is still a small bump. All new parts. Other than possibly getting faulty parts, what coulb be causing that knock. btw,, the bump can be felt slightly in the brake pedal.

when u put it in drive, low,2,3 it will not drive, but if u hit the winter button it will and it will go in reverse.

that was easy mental note Get some sleep after a 19 hour day before working on my truck lol

i have a 99 honda passport automatic tranny seems fine shifts fine everything, but all of a sudden check tranny light comes on, so i read about the tranny called dealer,to find out how to check fluid jacked it up (so it was level)pulled the inspection bolt and with a syringe i slowly put the fluid in until it came back out (with engine running,light went off, drove it about 40 miles bam light came back on, please help