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changing transmissions and found a rodeo transmission(automatic) out of a 99 rodeo for a great price , before i drop the 2000 passport transmission (automatic) wanted to know if they will interchange ..
the passport sat for a year without a battery, after colliding with a deer. It has been repaired, including a new battery. I forgot to run it before i took it in to get smogged, so it came back showing "not ready" I ran it and all but the catalyst came back ready/cleared. The Passport runs GREAT, and no "check engine " lights of any kind are coming on after running it almost 100 miles. The smog tech said to go online and look up the drive cycle and run it about 10 times, but i cant find a drive cycle for my model, please help!!!
I've replaced the alternator , have a brand new battery. Good engine everything works. I jump the car and the car won't hold a charge for to long.
i have put a 99 passport transmission in it and i have no problem wiring the internal harness but none of my chassis colors match the haynes diagram im thinking because its a mid year
It will start up perfectly fine and when i put it in drive and press the gas it will not move i tried in all other gears and it will move in revers but no other ones i need help
When the check trans light turns on it won't accelerate. But then I turn off truck and turn it back on it goes back to normal...
Where is the cabin filter located in my Honda passport 2002
1999 Honda passport has 140,000 on it. Clean vehicle no rust checked fluids and everything is full and color of fluids looks good just can't figure out why it won't reverse up a incline but will on flat ground all day without a problem
The heater only blows out cold air instead hot not even warm!
while driving down the road the engine suddenly just quit. When i stopped and put it in park it started back up but wouldnt go into any gear but park.
If u shift all the way up as if u were putting it in park as far as it will go is reverse! But the key still comes out, but in order for me to get the vehicle to crank up I have to place it in neutral... Is there a easy fix to this?
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