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Violent steering wheel shake at High Way speed.
grinding noise from the front wheel even after the rotors and brake pads have been replaced. What could be the problem?
it happened suddenly. but the mini van didn't loose power
one door opens in manual mode the other is only operating in automatic mode. should both work in manual mode
Disconected the speaker used the key in the door and now it wont start ... help me please
front motor mount bad
Right side passenger Power door slide cable broke. I'm unable to close door . The sliding door is stuck open half way . I would really appreciate any remedy to fix this problem .
The cable on the passenger power sliding door snapped broke. The door is stuck open at mid point. How can I close the door .
Power sliding door cable broke. Door is stuck open at mid point. It costing to much to repair.
i have been told the housing, also the gasket
when I turn my key I don't hear any clicking the car won't start but the battery is ok the lights come on in the house
Poor gear selection or a delay in gear selection
What cause rpm to run high and the tcs light comes on and it starts having trouble shifting out of 2nd and into 3rd and its like it wont go in the higher gears you will be going fine when its cold then when it warms up it start to like shifting down and acting up
I bought the vehicle in late July and this wrench symbol just appeared on the dashboard. I'm not sure what this indicates.
whining/almost grinding noise from under the hood
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