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I have honda odyssey 2000 model auto matic transmission . Problem with jerking while changing 2nd gear. When i start and drive while changing the gear no.2 jerking issue comes. I don't understand what is the real problem.
in park there isn't a buzzing noise only in drive
wwwwwwwhen I put it in drive there is a buzzing noise
the right door stopped working in the open position, I have checked the fuses, there is slack in the front of the cable, the slide hinge needs to be replaced I have a new one on order, how do I know if the front cable roller going through the body is bad or the motor, when I hit the door switch I don't hear any sound from the motor,i have the interior panel off the car and the white plastic pulled off to see the motor I saw a video of how to loosen the white tensier clips but im not sure if I should do that or not
The sound is similar to the warning sound to let you know that pads are getting thin. Pads were installed in a shop. Does sound indicate mis-application, bad rotors, or is this just the ceramic pads?
Sometimes not all the time, does this weather or cold weather
Doesn't seem to matter....engine shakes or makes a clunking sound when I start or shut off the engine
After coasting a little, the engine seems to return to idle. Have to depress gas pedal several times for it to "catch" and regain power. Feels like fuel or spark missing. Problem is random but always after coasting down from speed. It may happen two to five times and then run okay.
When i star the car is possible the air cool is ok, but in any moment the blower continue on but don't air cool, and any moment air cool return and later the air is not cool again.
When I press the sliding door bottom I have to help it to closed, and the middle roller assembly rub on the side of the van scratching it?'
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