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In the past ten months I've had to change all my spark plugs and cylinder coils twice. I'm burning through oil too. Rhett problem started at about 65k miles and had not stopped. My husband was in his car behind me and noticed that my car was randomly shooting out smoke from my exhaust. I called Honda and they were no help at all. I do not know what to do and need help.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Replacing the oil, coils and spark plugs just seems to be a band aid. What makes it worse is accelerating, especially in an incline
How long have you had this problem? 10 months
My car is not moving fine, the gear selector is not going beyond D4 and all the door lights areare on on the dashboard
Car not moving fine, dashboard is showing lights and D4 is blinking
I checked the fuse and that seems ok. Nothing in manual to show problem.
How long have you had this problem? recent
While driving, my battery light came on, indicating the battery was discharging. Had a fairly new battery in but it tested dead. Replaced the battery but the van still won't start. I'm also seeing some smoke and smelling a slight burning odor, even though the car isn't running.
The vehicle (01 Honda Odyssey) has the maintenance required light on and I do not know how to turn it off or know what the problem is?
need to use the data port for emission echeck.
was take a little trip a couple towns over got about 30 miles into the trip when I started smelling the smell of transmission fluid like it was burning looked behind me and there was white smoke every where so I pulled over to find that there was trans fluid every where toe it home the next day try to find the problem and there are no leaks no where at all then I discover it has an over flow vent tube ...witch sounds a bit stupid to me it will move a little bit but you have to give it a lot of gas when you put it in dive to go it want move yougive it a little push it will take off and go like its hanging up was where....can anybody tell me what cause this and if it is fixable or if I need to replace
What else could it be besides the bulb?
I have switched relays and the compressor will not cut on. I cannot recharge the system, the low side valve is leaking and I cannot bypass the clutch.
Is there a fuel filter in line that needs to be changed on this vehicle
When its start straight it not but to put brake cleaner to the throttle its start,,compression good,,distributor is good,,I just change the fuel pump its still the same
this noise occurs every time.
dealership will not make a master key using my VIN.
how much should the parts and labor be to remove and replace a transmission in a 2000 Honda odyssey?
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