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How much should an expansion control valve cost.

Our ac has been blowing warm air. At first the dealer said it was a leaky valve. Then it was a compressor switch. Again it started blowing warm. They replaced the switch. Five days later it is warm again. We have had our windows fog up, and I have smelled a sweet smell when this occurs. Could it be heater core problems?

The rear wiper was working great, stopped and when restarted it was hanging straight down. Tried ro readjust but it would either hang straight down or wipe 1/4 of the window and then the the car body itself. My wife has the car now so I haven't checked to see if the nut is just loose but wondered if there might be any other solutions for this problem.

code is po1730 p1738 p1739 what cost for this, and what parts can i user?

How much should it cost to replace engine and labor total?

Instead of the pricey Honda ATF, can't I just use Valvoline or Castrol with Lubeguard?

Looking for a best guess to the cost of the fender replaced, painted, sanded and color matched. Ocean metallic blue, EX

i parked my 95 odyssey one night and the next day will not start'had no fire to plugs ;no fuel from fuel line;and my gearshift ind.flash as long as the switch is on.i put in a new coil new button.what is wrong...

i get code on my car, what is meaning....po1730, p1738, p1739. what parts i need for this

How important is it to have this repair made? What other problems can this cause? I can't tell any performance issues.

code isp01730, p1738, p1739. what cost a,d parts he need?

Cost to replace 2-way bypass valve and the solenoid , Code 1457 , What would it cost to repair? Is it difficult or not? Advise Please!!

my car have this code...po730, p1738, p1739. what cost this and what parts i need.

My '96 Ody will just not stop with the locking once the key is turned to lock doors either passenger, driver or back door. It will often be locking the next morning! Yikes. This has gone on for many years. No one wants to figure out how to disconnect it. I'd be happy with old fashioned pushing of the locks and one key turn. I just bought a '95 Ody, cause I couldn't love the car more. Guess what. The very same thing only not as bad yet. It only has 100,000 miles on it. Any ideas? Seems like this must be common, but I have not seen it yet. Thanks very much!


how to replace the lights on the air condition contol

What is the best way to drain the coolant from the block? A Honda technician advised to not remove block drain plug located on engine block rear side near oil filter. Is there more than one drain plug? Supposedly the threads in the block can become damaged cosequently rendering the engine unusable and not repairable. Is there any other way to drain the block such as a frost plug that is user friendly?

Does anyone know the location of the ac relay? My manual does not list this.

Car would not start and the battery was completely dead. put in a new battery and on the 2nd day same thing. I have checked all electrical switches, the door is closed and the interior lites are not on. what could drain the battery completely?

I haven't done auto work for years. Is changing these plugs a big deal?
Need detailed instructions and/or pics.

my matenance light come on, althought i did a tune-up and it still on. how do i reset it?

The van shutters like going over railroad tracks when it is at 1500 rpms and around 30 mph, also it seems to be worse when as everything is the same as listed but going up hill. Any ideas what could be causing this?

How do you replace a license plate bulb

The garage opener quit working, light blinks, but no work. Tried everything in book and what the dealer said. Cost to much to have them fix. Went to take the assemble out, found two screws, but it still wont pull out. Am I missing somthing?

After driving on a highway for an extended period of time, i notice a humming sound from the engine. I took to Honda dealer to have them check while they were performing recall fix. They stated i needed a new power steering pump. Is that a typical part to be replaced after 70K miles?

95 Honda Odyssey, new battery, dash and headlites come on but engine will not turn over.starter is not engageing at all.

What is error Code 12 (under a B) mean?

How much should we pay for replacing run flats on a 2006 Oddyssey Touring?

Driver window works intermittently. When it stops working it will go down ever so slowly, but never up. I hear the switch "click" in the door when I press it. Have brought it to the local dealer, they switched out with another vehicles "regulator" and said mine was fine, they said the motor was okay and said it might be an electrical problem which is like a needle in a hay stack- I am looking at a bill of at keast $395- HELP! I can't afford that. Any advice, can't buy parts if they are not the fix.

The light will come one for days and then go out.