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I can keep turning the key car starts up and then stops turn the key again and does it againthe runs for about 4 seconds and shuts off
my passenger rear sliding door stopped working. what do I do??
While I am driving my Odyssey (2002) my engine stalls completely stops running, and loses all power. I am able to coast to a stop. I am not able to restart immediately, but after 3-5 minutes the van will start. It is as if there is no gas. But it never sputters. After 3-5 minutes I am able to drive the van without any problem. The problem is intermittent, have had it in the shop, but of course it does not repeat for the technician. Also there are not codes either.
Valves were adjusted on my 2006 Honda Odyssey to correct it but I still feel vibrations on the gas pedals mostly when on the freeway. Honda dealer mechanic now said rear engine mounts needs to be replaced, what gives? please help...thanks Leandro..
About an hour earlier, I couldn't open up driver's door to get out. Had to lock and unlock doors multiple times to make door work. And then it would catch partly before I finally got it to open.
We found out by accident and we haven't figured out how to make it happen again. Last night that key was up in a cupboard and our van randomly turned on! Keys weren't in ignition! There must be remote start but we cant figure out the keypad.
I just had the transmission fluid changed on my odyssey. It drove fine for 1000 miles and now it is not going when you press the gas unless the engine is turned off completely and restarted. Is this a sign it needs a new transmission or could it be something else?
Power steering is Hard to turn , power steering started whineing , I checked fluid & it was good , now I have NO power steering , but from time to time it will work ..
first the VSA light was on and the transmission start slipping and slow the van down, I have to restarted the engine, the VSA ligth was off but the engine light is on with the code P060A. What's wrong with it and how do I fix that, and cost?
sears auto center, Glendale ca. replaced 6 coils, light came back on the way back to s.f. sears reset codes was told to take it back to Honda, took it to Honda garage, was told #5 is misfiring, told them all 6 coils were replaced, Honda replaced #5, light still goes on, now, Honda has to adjust valves, what gives? please help...
Can I get a quote for the automatic door repair?
This is a rebuilt transmission with just under 40K miles on it. It has operated fine until now. The 0743 code happened about 2 weeks ago. I cleared it and it happened again a few days later along with an 0758. I checked the trans fluid and began researching. I cleared the codes again and drove the car to feel the shifting (my wifes car). All feels fine. It coded 0743 with a flashing "D" again and now is stuck in 2. I can shift to 1 manually and then to 2, but when I go to D3 it will not shift and stays in 2. I have done the following to troubleshoot. Removed and checked the lock up control solenoid, shift control solenoid A, clutch pressure control solenoid A and B. All were clean, no debris and worked with 12V applied. Fluid appears clean and doesn't smell burnt. I cleared the code again and it appeared as soon as I started the car again. Same results with the test drive. Thoughts? Thank you.
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