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the fuel filter didn't change anything where to look next and what to look for?
After driving car smells hot as if overheated but it has never overheated and the gauge never even reaches the half way point.
Shakes while idle, but only when the A/C or Heat are blowing. The shaking isn't terrible now but I feel like it might get worse if not dealt with.
off gas. AWD. Front axles new. tires new. Honda dealer wants to sell me the kitchen sink. Ant body have a AWD dyno?
Groaning sound when I turn right or left
I'm very concern about the vibration issues from former satisfied but now dissatisfied customers of 2015 Honda CRV. The vehicle in question is showing a couple of vibration and drivability/reliability reports on carfax. Should I stay away from this vehicle?
It has never had a problem before. Lights were off, plenty of gas.
Have had my car (2016 CRV LX with few bells and whistles) one day so there's a lot I don't know yet. It's almost 10PM. I just went out to the car and there's a red light on. It's the same light that's green when I turn on the car. Is it supposed to stay on all the time? Or, have I left something on. Will it drain my battery. Yes, I'm a little old lady who doesn't know about those things. But, I don't want a dead battery in the morning.
Stopped suddenly blowing hot air
New battery installed because car would not start two days later started car and all warning dash lights came on and stayed on. Why?
I had the compressor and vent replaced at dealer 10 months ago. On family trip, have AAA take car to local Honda dealer, not the same who replaced it as we were out of state. They say that it's the compressor clutch serp. belt and coil, with cost of $2K. My car didn't have the AC running for nearly a year prior to it being fix (end of summer/me not working). Now dealer says I can't get the car running safely unless I fix the AC compressor and all. How can it not work before and my car run wonderfully, and now it NEEDS to be fix for my car to run? Can't I just have the clutch fixed to get my car running and say screw it to the AC? my windows work fine enough to cool me off. Not pay $2k to fix after spending nearly $2k only 10 months ago for AC unit to be fixed.
recent oil change @ Tire Express, ps fluid was a little low (not having any problems) but they said I needed a flush and replacement of the fluid to prevent damage to my rack & pinion steering sys... insisted it was a critical issue.... $99... did they con me??
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my dashboard reads B2 and also -13 and -89
always rises with or without AC on and does not cool down ... have to pull over or sometimes turning off AC helps temporarily.
I've been told I need to replace my timing belt at about 100,000 plus miles. Any idea how much this costs?
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