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Model: Honda CRV NSB087GL005

Engine won't start (90% of the time) only after putting gas in my car. I need to rev the engine as I turn the ignition and keep my rpms at about 1.5 for a minute before it will stay on. I make sure my gas cap is on tightly but have also tried it a little loose on the advice of a friend- neither changes the problem. My check engine light is on.

When I was my 2014 Honda CRV, the rear by the handle to open the lift gate, has mud dripping as if it's coming from the "interior" liftgate door, inside the guts. When I open the liftgate, you clearly see molding clips (4) are missing and there are 4 holes. What is the molding PIECE it is missing????

I have a 04 CRV, 2wd, AT, 4 cyl.

I pulled the radiator a few weeks ago to replace altenator. Got send away for work for a few weeks and finally got around to finishing the job. Putting the radiator back in I connect the two fan connector and the sensor on the radiator. On the bottom of the pigtail where the connector that goes into the radiator is another connection and I can not find where the hell that connects to. cant remember when i took it out if it connected to something or if it was hanging.

Any help?

High beam works fine...

left key on all night,it was dead next morning,bought new battery and now it just clicks at computer area,won't crank.starter relay or starter?.

labor cost for rear struts

cost of labor to replace struts

I move the seat and the srs comes on the technician said no issues but voltage variations caused the srs system to code. New battery in and the same thing is going on HELP ME.

I will also need to have the following remove and replace Condenser, Evaporator expansion valve, Receiver drier, flush, seal and recharge the system. I want to know cost of entire repair.

I've had 3 CR-V's (2000, '08 and '15) Loved the first 2 but the '15 is vibrating constantly. Repair said it was a design flaw and fixed it but the problem then moved from idle to acceleration and I'm back in for repair with the caution that it will decrease my mileage!

Ran fine one day, wouldn't start at all the next day

Also, the check engine lite is on...I have about 110,000 miles on it also

After I was parked on hill and car in reverse, it wouldn't shift into first. I turned off the engine, shifted some and turned it back on, then as I as driving, it wouldn't shift into any gears and then stopped. I've noticed the clutch felt loose today and yesterday. What's the matter with it? Its a manual transmission.

I have a new battery, antifreeze is full, and the hoses are not frozen. it tries to start but it won't turn over. No clicking sound.

I was just driving about 40mph when my CRV chugged a little and then my MIL light turned on. I thought this wasn't a big issue but I kept driving and it chugged again. Is this a serious issue?

engine warn stop for about 20to30 minutes come back start cranks for a long time then will start spurter give full throttle then will smooth out

Door behind passenger seat won't open from inside tho lock stem is up and all other doors will open...I can open that door from outside

Car dealer sold me a wreaked car. Got it home and my dad wouldn't let me drive it because he found out the rear end drives sideways. Can this uni body be fixed on its own? If not can it be switched out to another cry just different year?

Driving home and the truck just shuts off. Did a code reader and to my surprise it read FAIL. I have never seen a fail. Will turn over,and has spark?

This vibration only occurs under load and feels like it is coming from the transmission. When vibration starts and I turn off the overdrive the vibration goes away.