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I have 2016 Honda crv. Dealer says I need to change oil every 5000 miles or it voids the warranty.
Is this a scare tactic or is it true
The is only when going forward not on reverse
I need help getting it to fully extend.
I hope you could help and give me the estimated cost of the labor and parts of the these following replacements:

1.Clutch Disc Replacement
2.Clutch Fan Replacement
3.Clutch Pressure Plate Replacement
4.Clutch Release Bearing Replacement

Thank you so much.
Small Collision in a parking lot rendered the button inaxessable. It looks to have been bent upward. The plastic molding on the outside of the liftgate only has a scratch. I need to get to the button to fix it with as little collateral damage as possible. Please help. Thank you.
I think that my car has a recall but I am unsure- how do I check?
installed a new ignition switch, new battery, starter and alternator good
driving fourth gear auto. motor revs trans no longer works, stop rest 3rd gear will work
Climate control stuck
To get to fourth gear i will need to park and wait for about 10 minutes before moving. Once, i slow down, it will not shift to 4 again. 1,2 and 3 shift normally. pls help
car overheats when idling too long, will overheat with AC or Heat on as well, car will cool down if I either turn the car off and let it sit or if I turn off AC and/or heat and drive normal speed. this happens even right after an oil change and all fluids are full/topped off.
air conditioner compressor clutch not kicking in
Had the flashers on for about 30 minutes. Came out and battery dead, car wouldn't start. Had to jump it
general maint on car done regularly. worried about the 100k mark and the timing needing to be done.
once reaching 20 mph seems to go ok
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