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When i bought a car dealer lost key, so I made another one. It worked grate, after i had some problems and couldn't drive, accumulator was down and i charged it. Now when i start the car it starts but after 1-2 seconds turns off. When I put the key into starter 'key icon' begins to twinkle on display and it doesn't stops even i start the car. so can you help me and give advise what will be the reason of it? :S what i have to do? I have no guaranty (((
Steering wheel is more turning back and forth on its own. Randomly while driving. Even while going straight. Sometimes the console shakes pretty violently. I feel like I am driving on and icy patch when I turn the car (even though the road is clean and clear).
2005 Honda CRV ...significant highway miles including some in high humidity area (Houson)
Ok so I have had this problem for months. First, my check engine came on and the reader told me it was the TPS sensor so I replaced it, check engine still said TPS was failing. Then a month later my car started to idle erratically, my car shifts 1 st gear at about 3 to 4 rpm and when I change from park to drive my car shakes. Next I placed a fuel system cleaner in my gas tank and like magic the problem went away, it was shifting when it's supposed too didn't shake when I changed a gear but then exactly a month later the problem returned and my car does the same things again. It's as if something gets cleaned then later it gets dirty. What could it be? Please help....
so when the hazard lights are on, the left top white blinks and the bottom right white blinks. When the brakes are put on the left bottom red works, the top right red sometimes works. anyone else experiencing this issue and any ways to handle it at home? Not really interested in taking it to the dealer. We are the original owners and have not noticed this for the last 7 years!
check engine light was going on an off for about a week, crv was running fine. thought we got bad gas, hesitated to start twice, now wont start at all. what could that be?
Had a blown head gasket, replaced that, has new stat installed, return he's from heater core stays cold, bled system many times. I have run water though the heater core at the hoses and it has flow,but return hose stays cold.after hot and sets for a few minutes will get hot air for a minute or so, then back to cold.
Another shop says that front axle should be replaced not just boots.
After body work done, I noticed "engine malfunction" light came on. Body shop employee had driven it approx. 50 miles round-trip with light on (or intermittently flashing) but did not inform me of it - I had to inquire. I told them it wasn't on when I dropped the car off. The insurance company said it's not related to the accident, so won't cover it. After leaving insurance company, the car made a clunking sound, slowed and stalled. They had it towed to the dealer. Code 84-1. Replaced abs and vsa modulator, rocker arm oil switch, & brake fluid at cost of $2,640. After repairs, car has had to be towed back to dealer 2 more times within 4 days due to the same kind of stalling, with panel lights coming on each time. The second time they removed the v-tec solenoid valve & cleaned debris from the filter screen. Yesterday I picked up the car from dealer, drove it 20 miles, and it wouldn't restart after a short stop at the bank. We jump-started it and did a battery check, finding a bad cell. Replaced the battery and managed to drive home (25 miles). Test drove it today and car stalled out again (3rd time) and had to be towed back to dealer! As a side-note, several months ago we had a local "mechanic" install wheel bearings. Could incorrect installation of rear wheel bearings be related to the car's loss of power? Can someone PLEASE help? Thank you!
It did sit unused for a month ortwo
the noise seems to be coming from the engine and it only does it when it is cold outside in the summer time i don't hear it and the passenger door on the right is stuck in the lock position
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