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All lights on passenger side stopped working at the same item on low beam.
Hi. I actually live in Nicaragua. I am looking for the part number for the timing belt for a 2007 Honda CR-v. It's a gas engine, AWD, automatic (not sure if that changes anything at all). My mechanic can't order the part, without the part number. Any help would be amazing!
email is:
occurs when going over bumps in road on right side, and sometimes when going around curves. Sounds liek something is loose, almost like a spring recoiling.
Replacement part is $400 plus labor. Before I invest in a fix,has anyone experienced this? Any recourse with mfg.?
fluid level in reservoir zero.
clutch pedal will not return to normal without assistance.
vehicle functioned 24 hours ago then when attempting to run an errand clutch depressed to floor and would not return without assistance and could not shift into any gear {5 speed]
Hi! My CRV has 150,000 miles. I was just told by my mechanic that it needs new front and rear brakes as well as a new head gasket....

Should I repair or start shopping for a new vehicle?
Mechanic says it has to be factory distributor. All timing is new.
Is it a gauge problem or a sensor?. All gauges in the dashboard are working properly
If I have to support the motor and disconnect it from the frame, where would I place the jack? I need to change the motor mounts as well and just figured I would do it all at the same time.
honda crv 2010 check engine light keeps coming back on. Have replaced the catalytic converter. My mechanic cannot seem to find the reason. Have gone through all of the obvious...gas cap, bad gas, censors on converter.
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