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The front end comes down from speed bump smoothly, but the back end slams down hard as if there was no cushioning. Just had new coil springs installed too.

I replace the master switch on the crv since the button got broke and now the driver side works but not the other 3 windows and even the moon roof doesn't even work. Even the keys are out you can still put the driver side up or down and I know that shouldn't happen.

What do I need to do to fix this problem?

first, all the doors except the drivers door stopped locking when the switch was activated. 4 days later the drivers doors stopped locking. The door won't auto lock with the drivers door key lock either.

We had a front end collision. Our car was hit on the drivers side front corner. Front bumper and headlight messed up. Air bags did not deploy. Other car had only dent in fender. The fluids did come out at accident.....2 colors. The car was towed to our house. My husband tried to start the car. It did start but would not shift into geer. We assumed it was due to lack of transmission fluid. Body shop is telling us transmission is shot. How likely is this? We don't want to be ripped off. No collision insurance and quote for repairs is already $2600.00. Please advise.

One day the driver's door lock just stopped locking and unlocking all the way when I use the remote or the door panel switch. It will move part way but not enough to lock/unlock without using the door key or manually moving the door lock. The other door locks work fine. It doesn't make any strange noises.

What should I ask to have checked when I go to the repair shop?

I always feel like I'm about to be talked into unnecessary expensive repairs when I go to auto shops - I guess they see a young blonde coming and it's "up sale" time.

For no reason from time to time when i get to 2600 on the tac it will start to choke out like it has bad fuel or water in the fuel. I run shell or quality gas and use lucas additives. We have replaced the 02sensors and it will run fine for awhile then all of a sudden it spits and sputters loosing power. The harder you press on the gas peddle the slower it will go and the harder it shakes and kicks.

Fan don't come on could it be the thermo sending unit at the thermostat housing that needs to be replaced? lost as to why the fans won't come on or why it keeps over heating? have not checked the fuses could it be that simple?

My 2004 CRV drives fine but yesterday I noticed when shifting into drive the "d" light was not lit. Today I noticed, with foot on the break, I can shift into reverse, neutral and the lights are on but when shifting into drive there is no light and I cannot shift into the lower gears. Would appreciate any help.

The temp guage does not go up very far and when I turn on the heater there is very little heat and the temp drops down to nothing.

tires have 27k miles on them.

The vibrations dissipate when driving at higher speeds. Is it safe to drive?

A local oil change place told me that my power steering fluid needed to be replaced or bunch of bad things will happen. My car has about 120k miles and I don't recall if the power steering fluid has been changed. I am the original owner.

my car started making a scraping noise, then all of a sudden it cut off, and when I cut ac on it cuts off

It seems to come from the right front area. It appears to occur with highway driving (or >40 mph), rarely with starting move to car. It sounds as if it is rattling against something........almost like something is lying against a fan and when it turns, it rattles. I cannot hear it when I put the window down, it doesn't happen when I turn right, the only thing I did different was put a new tire on the wheel. No diagnostic codes are on my dash, doesn't occur more when I run over a bumpy road or when I turn the steering wheen back and forth while stationary. Can you help? Is it related to having the tire changed?

Engine makes strange rapid squeeking noise (not very loud) when under light stress (AC running) at low RPMs or at idle... Every time I take it to the dealer, the sound goes away. Any advise?

on my way from office,the check engine light came up and the car cld not move again.Then since then cld not move on drive or reverse position and if wait f a while,it wil move fr a short distance and then stops

Got vibration when driving

Cooling fan motor went out. Car was getting hot. But blowing cold. All of a sudden before replacing fan, started blowing hot. Replaced fan, still blowing hot. Almost like heater is on. Checked coolant, freon everthing else ok.

what is the best fuel injectors cleaner ?

it is more valuable to pay a bottle 10$ or to take a service at 150$ with a mechanic shop

My car started shaking violenty just this past week. Yesterday it stalled on the freeway as I was driving down the freeway at about 60 mps, I felt the car slowing down and had to pull to the side. As I pulled to the side it made a screeching noise and it was hard for me to park it. I had to put some force into changing the shift to park. Now my car wont start at all and the key is somehow stuck in the ignition. I have tried to turn on my car repeatedly with rest periods. Any ideas as to what is wrong with my car?

Where i can find on web, a free part manual for my Honda cr-v 2001

Can a universal oxygen sensor is ok instead of an oem one for a repair ?

the engine light is on and the diagnostic test at the honda dealer said i needed this cannister and valve replaced..for $500...but if it doesn't hurt the engine, and i live in a county that doesn't require emission testing..why bother??

need instructions for replacing the window washer resevoir

I had an accident and the airbags deployed. I havent replaced the airbags but fixed the damage myself( driverside control arm and axle). I tried to reset the srs multiple times with no luck. I think one or more of the airbag sensors got damage in the crash

just fixed my ac in the honda by replacing the expansion valve and the gas... now when the ac is cycled on the transmission wants to over rev and has a problem shifting.. but when the ac is off the problem is not that bad

Happens especially on cold starts. Belt and water pump just changed.....immediate engine problem.

When I make uturns or any tights turns it makes a groaning sound. Regular turns are ok

(1) Would you please describe how many 'drive cycles' I need to complete; and (2) describe the actual 'drive cycle' to me. Hubby out of town and my registration has expired and I need my car!