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I have a 2003 Honda ith 150,000 miles. I am paying 1490. for repair. They say I need a new head due to parts in head are worn and need replacing and it is best to just replace the whole head. The end cost will be 2300.00. Is it normal replace a head on a 2003 for worn parts?
Once a repair shop clears the check engine light codes, are the codes still in the PMC in some sort of "History" file? Can cleared codes be retreived?
Replacing a/c compressor
Where is the window washer tank on a 2004 cr-v
to replace it at a cost of $2306 of which $1836 was the cost of the catalytic converter. It has 178K miles on it and hasn't had the timing belt changed. I think that is a horrific price. Is it a fair price for this repair?
I think it my be the A/C relay switch, because they are known for getting stuck in the on position. My A/C light has always come on (in winter) when I'm not using it. It sound like it may be relay switch(?)
Check engine light misfire in cylinder 3 and random misfire, Had ohms test, spark plugs, wire tested and Compression test. Number 2 comes back dead. Also checked fuel injectors. Had head fixed once before a few years ago. Had 2 misfires then.
This is a dangerous situation when trying to merge into traffic.
The noise seems to be faint while the car is just sitting and running.
Dash lights come on and key registers and booster cables don't work. When I try to start it you can hear the starter clicking. Is it the starter, solenoid,ignition switch, or what? Please help!!!
Have not been able to get it to start up since yesterday

What can I do when my 2015 srs light would not go off and it took 30 days to fix because the dealership was not able to determine the cause and had to get Honda engineers involved. The end result was the replacement of the srs system. The vehicle was in an accident but it was determined that the problem was not related to the accident. Honda said that it was covered with the warranty but what does that mean for me?
I have vibration in my stearing wheel (nowhere else) at speeds greater than 60 mph. Tires were balanced and no change. Was told that the belts in all 4 tires were "moving around". Got new tires and vibration in steering wheel still there. Finally determined the problem was the L hub, knuckle and bearing. My question is: did I need the tires and were my belts really bad? 40K miles (90K life) on Michelin HydroEdge tires.
Already replaced 2 front axles, and one engine mount. There was no vibration in the steering wheel before I had this work done. $2000 later, the steering wheel is vibrating. Could the vibration from the axles (on the floor) could have masked the steering wheel vibration? I replaced all 4 tires and steering wheel vibratrion still there.
After a half hour of driving with the ac turned on in hot sun specially in a red light or traffic jam, the ac would not cool and motor overheats. I then turn off the ac and the temperature would go back to normal. What could be the cause of this issue?
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