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How do I remove headlight assembly to replace bulbs?

how do i replace the mirror, glass only, on passenger outside. seems like it has to be scraped off and new one glued in place

At start up my civic seems to be loud. What's causing the loud noise? It has 167,000 miles. Just recently my check engine light came on. Used a dianostic code reader. It read PO741. Any helpful info would help. Thank you.

My 98 automatic Honda cvic has abnormal shifting. What do I need to do to fix this problem

cold engine idles fine( but kinda hard to start) as it warms up it will bog down at wot and you need to feather the throttle to keep engine from dying.with iac valve disconnected i can goose the engine by hand but it bogs down when i plug it back in it runs worse.

Will a transmission flash on a automatic help it from shifting abnormally and delay shifts?

Someone hit and broke my rear tail light cover and although the bulb still works and is in tact, the entire tail light is now dented in an inch or so. There's now a huge space where it is supposed to align with my trunk making it hard for me to open or close. Just wondering how much it would cost to replace the tail light and pull it back to align with my trunk. Also wondering how hard it is to do so I can decide to try to do it myself or go somewhere to get it fixed. Thanks.

valve replacement

My 95 civic has been stuttering while idling or when I am just accelerating after a stop? I have tried fuel treatments in the past and it worked last time. But this time after a tank of gas that was treated, the problem is still there. The car runs fine when cool, and when cruising.



A few days ago, I noticed (the last time I had my car's oil changed (about a month ago))someone there overfilled the coolant! Then, today when driving it, all of a sudden it no longer blew hot air! It is not overheating and the blower is working fine! Any suggestions & is the overfilled coolant at all related?

how do you change headlights

i just bought my civic when i test drove it seemed perfect after a couple days past it started making a knocking noise on the top end of the engine, i accelerate it and it sounds like little knocks and ticks when the car is in neutral some times you here a knock other times its quiet.. can any body tell me whats my problem i don't know if its a rod knock or one of my lifters?......its a 1.6 signal cam vtec

1999 Honda Civic LX

I'm selling my 1991 Honda Civic with a blown head gasket. I have someone that wants to drive it home. It starts and runs and little rough. If I put water in the radiator. Will ill be OK to drive?

using dealer programed spare transponder key, engine light comes on and car stalled when slow down at stop light. Key is cut a little off and sometimes not unlock the door. Not had problem before. Someone said could be dealer made a key that was off just a little. Could the issue be a bad programed transponder key that has intermitent issues?

If car has been in cold temperature, when I start it there is a rattling, clanking sound, especially when starting in reverse. What could this be?

coolant levels are fine..I have replaced the themastat...that didn't help...bought a new radiator cap... that didn't help..the car has never had an over heating problem AND the carbon levels are fine on the smog test so there is no problem with the gasket...humm...can I check the heater valve lever from the inside on this car? Should i check that first before paying to have the heater core checked out? thanks!!

my starter turners. but the engine dose not turn over

squeaking in driver side wheel when braking louder when cold stops sometime when warms up

I replaced the pads on my son's Honda Civic and are about 1/2 used. The brakes pulsate when applied at or over 65-70 mph. The car has 67K. Should I replace both the rotors and pads or resurface the rotors and keep using the current pads?

i got cracks on the vanity can i detach the frame with the flip cover

my 1994 honda civic wont start at all it jux keeps cranking like it wants to but never does I replaced the ecu spark plugs battery and all other basics I even tried jump the 2 wire like it says in the book to trouble shoot wit a cod but no results because the only thing that blinks is the SRS light and not the CHECK ENGINE light

Speedometer started reading much faster than actually going, over 20+ at 50mph. The engine speed by tach is normal.

car jerking while acceleration at low speed. what is the problem? how much the repair cost will be?
thank u.

How do I reset the change oil light on my 2010 Honda Civic?

Is it worth it buy my own parts for a timing belt/water pump replacement? If so, what parts do I need other than the obvious two? Gaskets? Tensioner?

someone was attempting to break into my car, by window entry. They were not successful, however I cannot roll up my window fully. I have partially taken off the side panel and I see that it is on track, but it looks like the arms maybe bent; because when I roll it all the way up, the window stick way out of the window frame

when i start my civic in the morning after a few mins. the rpm gose up and down then it shuts off.