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Just have a tune-up , oil change,the works. Don't know what to do.
temperature guage goes down and when it is down car take more RPM to shift gear
while driving 20 to 70 miles per hour the rear end of the car is making noise ,the tires are good and brakes are good. i have about 75000 miles on car,its been doing this for 2 years but getting loud. thanks
My 1998 Honda Civic DX, hatchback has developed a problem with the hatchback's lock. One week ago we discovered that the external release handle will not open the hatchback now. When testing locking/unlocking with a key, I can see that the locking post moves up/down as normal. Yet, the hatchback will no longer unlock. I did lubricate the hatchback mechanism about 3 weeks ago with WD-40. Worked fine at that time. Any suggestions?

car is in san francisco, CA
new coolant added as well can it be the heater core?
Are there any draw backs to having a 19 inch or a 20 inch wheel and tire versus the original 18" wheels and tires?
I was told that system may be contaminated and just replacing compressor may lead to a new compressor going bad again
I am having a head gasket fixed and the mechanic said if the head is cracked it will cost an additional 1400. I want to know how much a head actually cost?
what kind of problems can occur when i do this? my bottle is so difficult to see the level
the coolant temp switch is working, however i had to bypass it for the fan to operate continually and then it will not stall. the MIL is not working. i got a P0135 but not voltage to the sensor
Honda dealership performed multi-point inspection with my 2003 civic ex, just over 100k mileage. I expected problems as there were several concerns. One of them being transmission slipping between 2nd/3rd gears, when going 3K RPMs transmission slips and won't go.

To replace transmission, they quoted:
$5154 if core is usable.
$6354 if core unusable.

I have never heard of transmission core or no core costing over $5k for a 2003 honda civic. Anyone with similar quotes? Or overpriced?

what is the drive cycle
OBD reading not ready
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