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I need a new radiator for my Civic. What is the average cost?

Making a rubbing noise in the right front of the car. Took it in and they couldn't find out what was wrong.

my 02 civic ex has spart but will not start even if i spray starter fluid in the throatal body, it has a half tank of gas but acts like it is out of gas, it hesatated for a moment then ran fine for a few seconds then cut off and has not started since

Just purchased pre-owned Civic LX at 68,900 miles. Seller offered to replace timing belt and water pump but seemed it only took an hour or so to do that. What proof do I have that the parts were actually replaced? And what is the average cost of this repair together? The estimator only gives them separately.

what is the cost of ball joint replacement

i was driving tried to put in 5th gear felt like it wasn't getting gas then it died and wont start up again

Arrived at work this morning and was not able to open my windows or use the power locks. I checked the fuses and they are working.

Hello, the Honda dealer wants to replace my oil pan & gasket. With a discount they want to charge me $517.00

Front brakes replacment cost with a discount $197.00

V-TEC seal replacement with discount $183.00

Are these resonable prices or over priced?

when i turn on my honda it vibrates until it gets warm...... what can that be??

Had code for upstream O2 sensor-replaced it , erased code 130k , started and ran fine- shut it off and restarted 45 minutes later. When I went to pull out of parking lot had no response to throttle -acted like running out of gas (with full tank) for 5-6 seconds then ran fine.

When do I do to replace the timing belt? on my civic, automatic transmission

Car only makes squelling noise when it is very cold and on acceleration.

How do I fix. A bad bonddo job

Heat is weak and only works on high

my car misses out i cleaned the plugs no help it had a tune up 2 years ago lol new wires i think the distributer is new should i change the plugs after 2 years it was running good i went 15 miles from austin to round rock when i got back it started.

When driving on the freeway the temp gauge is normal but when I slow down or stop the gauge goes up to hot stay there for about 2 minutes and the heat stop working. I’ve change the thermostat twice but that did not solve the problem.

While driving my automatic, it did not want to go into the next gear as speed increased. Later that night, it would start up but not reverse or drive when put into gears. It would only ease forward as if it were in neutral. I checked the transmission fluid and it was quite low, so I put about 4 quarts of fluid in it. Since it began not reversing or driving, the battery has been dying. What is your professional opinion as to what may be wrong with the car? How much will it cost to repair?

I have a 1993 honda civic ex with a 1.6 liter automatic transmission that has 218,000 miles on it. It's highway MPG is in the mid 20's, what can I do to help it?

i just had an oil change and air filter change and when i come to a stop the car has stalled once and ever since then its been acting nit wants to stall every time i come to an stop,help.

code po420 and po171. 4 mounths ago.

my engine light is on is po420 or po171

Th e engine cut out like out of fuel a few times then it cut out for good.I looked for a fuel filter but could not locate.

why do i have oil in my radiator

one head light is out and I want to replace both head lights at the same time. there isn't enough room for my hand to get behind the bulbs and unscrew to pull out. what the trick?

I'd been driving all day & all of sudden the car wouldnt go faster than 5-10mph no matter how hard i pressed the gas. I was able to put into reverse but it did not provide enough power to back up a small incline. Once parked I turned off the car and then started it back up after 10 minutes. It now appears to be fine but the CEL is now on. Any thoughts?

My 2005 Honda Civic is blowing cool air when at the lower rpm's or at idle....When excelerating or the rpms are increasing the air is blowing very hot! Also, the car is not overheating...I had the thermo replaced & coolant bled 2 times...any suggestions?

How do you change out head lights

How much would it cost to replace the clutch on above mentioned car

How do I remove headlight assembly to replace bulbs?

how do i replace the mirror, glass only, on passenger outside. seems like it has to be scraped off and new one glued in place