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the battery has been losing charge recently. Last night I put the battery on charge. I realized this morning I charged it backwards. However, the battery had a good charge and all checks out well. Battery is good as well as the alternator. The alternator did have some corrosion. I've cleaned it and I am about to pull the spark plugs out(replaced them two weeks ago). If cleaning the connector on the alternator doesn't help what else could be the problem. No engine lights come on. When I turn they over and the car doesn't start the battery and oil light stay on
Oil level doesnt lower. I cant figure out where the oil is coming from. Oil plug and oil pan are clean and theres no oil spots on the cement where it is parked. And i dont think the transmission should be hot enough to burn oil which leads me to think i have a serious transmission problem but it drives normal. If you have any idea what could be above or near the transmission that could leak oil onto the transmission i would appteciate the help. Btw its deffinatly oil and not trans fluid.
When trying to start it, it doesn't click. The car stalled today in second gear while making a turn. Seemed to cut.out. It took 6 to 7 tries to get it started. What could be the problem?
When car is warm and D4 doesn't light then the check engine light stays on and car will only dry start. Usually after 25 minutes at most the D4 will show and engine light will shut off after initial illumination. Car will start then
. any ideas?
The heat blew cold air even while moving for a long time then randomly started blowing slightly warmer air and proceeded to get cold again. It was about 60 degrees outside when this happened last. The car does NOT ever overheat. I have replaced the water pump about a year ago. The fluids were flushed then. I put a new thermostat in just before getting that work done. I know that the problem can be the Heater Core or an air lock. What else can cause this? I dont want to put more money into solutions that are not helping.
About a year ago my front passenger window just stopped working. I attempted to put it down one day and it was unresponsive. I had never attempted to get this fixed...I had just accepted it for the time. But about a month ago when putting my back driver side window up it just stopped. Right in the middle. Not completely up not completely down...just enough to taunt and infuriate me. Do you know how hot it is when not using a/c in the summer with only one front and one back window down...the back one locked in kid safety...ugh. ANYWAY, I want to fix this myself, however I can get no clear picture from everything I have read. Its the motor, its the regulator, its the master switch, its the rear switches, use the switch from the passenger rear for the broken driver rear to test the motor, then...the switch from the passenger rear wont work on the driver rear window. SERIOUSLY? I checked the fuses and replaced a bad one for the driver right window. The moment I hit the switch it blew the fuse again. removed the rear left window motor. So where should I start? Can anyone tell how they resolved this issue.
During test results read,@ 15mph the HC read 165 @25 mph it read 116
@15mph the CO under MEAS read 065
@ 15mph the NO(PPM) read 3135
@ 25mph it read 3105 what does this mean
What this code is and how do I fix it.
have to roll car back to a flat spot, raise hood so sun can shine on engine, let it set for several, days and it will start like nothing happened. I don t always ,like to wait for several days, what do you think.
I recently took my 2010 Civic (121,000 miles) on a road trip to Colorado. We drove the car everywhere including elevations over 12,000. On our return trip the check engine light came. After getting the diagnostic reading I learned the error had to do with the fuel tank sensor. Does anyone have any thoughts? Might the elevation be the cause?
I have 2007 Honda and have bn using it for 3yrs without issues. Bought it 2nd hand.
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