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antitheft lights flashing

how do i flush it or is it all bad? im told it was power steering fluid...i cant get the brakes to bleed with new brake fluid after draining foregn fluids

i had my air conditioner replaced last summer. worked perfectly, now no cold air this year. could the freezing temperatures done damage?

the plug to the oil pan was stripped durring an oil change, an oversized plug was installed, but now that plug is starting to loosen up and leak oil. what can i do short of replacing the oil pan?

what does an exclaimation point in an orange circle mean

change both 1&2

I have a 97 Civic that needs a head gasket replacement, and after attempting the job myself, I wanted to get a quote to see how much the job would cost to complete. The old gasket was definitely bad - I had heating / cooling problems, a radiator hose rupture under exaust gas pressure, and a mechanic confirm it wasn't holding pressure. I pulled and machined the head, then reassembled the engine with new gaskets, timing belt, and water pump. The problem - the new gasket will not seal, and I don't want to repeat all that work. So, assuming the parts are good - what would be an estimate to do a full diassembly, recheck the head and block, and reassembly? How much would it be for me to do the diassembly, then bring it to you? Thanks!!

When I start my car the engine is surging. And the Motor burns through 2 quarts of oil in about 100 miles. Please help me solve this issue.

two wks ago i was leavn work n my car wouldnt start. all the lights came on even the radio. my sister jumped me and all was fine. two days later same problem. now a week later it happened again this time my car wont take the jump.

when driving on rough road

The fan motor switch (off thru 4) only works on 4, but I can see how to get thru the dash to access the switch to replace. Or other ideas on the problem?

this car was running rather good only that you need to put oil when you drive for like 20 miles, only when my son drove to his work which is 34.4 miles from where we live and i guess he didn't check or put oil before he drove the 34.4 miles back home, he said that about 5 miles before he reached our house the car was showing sign of being drained out the head lights became dim, when he steps on the gas pedal to speed up it was like it went slow then it is like its oxygen opened up and moved a little faster, but then still driving it around it would start up and the engine sounds like it is congested and the exhaust has the strong smell of gasoline, and then now it is choking when you are taking of and slow up a small hill and on a stop lite, when we step on the gas pedal because it sounds and feels like it is gonna die out, you smell that strong gasoline mixed with exhaust smell

How do I remove the ignition lock cylinder on a 96 honda civic. I removed the tamper proof torx but can't seem to get it out.

when i turn my ac on only the condenser fan turns on if i put a piece of wire in the fuses box like to replace the relay then it works

I have an 2003 Civic, and when I brake to a complete stop my car shudders a little but doesnt cut off. I have 114,000 miles. Any ideas?

fuel pump won't kick on.

I recently changed the bulbs in my rear break lights. My break lights are not coming on when the brake pedal is pressed. Is there a fuse or something that needs to be changed?


My car was stolen and they broke the ignition and complete dashboard. How much would it be to repair and replace everything.

hi, i have a '94 honda civic DX and i have a problem with the ignition coil because it burned twice in a short period about two weeks,the secondary winding is the one who burn, what can be the problem ???

My car has been overheating. I took it in a week ago. They changed the radiator cap and refilled the coolant. Now, the engine is overheating again. They think that I might be the head gasket. Is this a very expensive fix? Can it be anything else?

my 03 honda civic lx will only start when the engine is completly cool, no matter what length of time i have driven once i start it, it takes me appx 2-3 hours for it to start back up again.

Need detail instructions for timing belt replacement including water pump,tensioner,crank pulley and seals for cam and pump.

I heard a squealing noise for two days whenever I drove my 1990 Honda civic. Engine light(yellow) kept coming on. Then car just shut down. Gas pedal had no pressure at all. I smelled burning and saw light smoke on left side of engine when I lifted the hood. Ways the problem?

every two months

I am going to need a new engine for my 2000 Civic Ex. Does anyone have any idea on how much that is going to cost me? I think that I have a friend of the family who is able to put it in for me. So that should save me labor costs.

im looking at a 1998 honda civic its automatic has 136,000 miles and has a reconstructed title they are asking 2,800 what is a good price to pay for this?

Does anyone have free instructions for replacing a power steering rack boot (driver's side)?

My temp gage goes up and down like a rollercoaster. One minute its redlined in Hot, I pull over to look at it and its dropped back down to C. New thermostate made no difference.Water seems to circulate through the radiator, sometimes it looks like its not. My motor was rebuilt 15,000 miles ago.

Blew head gasket, coils melted inot spark plug tube, thermostat, possibly valve cover, ignition coils, radiator needs to be replaced. I severely overheated my vehicle by not stopping when the check engine light came on.
I have been quoted 2800.00 for the job possibly as high as 3200. My car has 167,000 miles on it 2004 but it is paid for. Does this sound like a reasonable estimate and should I bother (you think?) The mechanic is pretty decent but they may be ripping me off a little as the engine would probably cost around 350. The replacement engine I am told is 67,000 miles and a 6 month warranty.