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I cant go over 25 mph without my car sounding like a flying saucer. Why?
no matter how long I drive my 2002 Honda Civic the gauge never moves off of cold. The radiator fan starts and stops, but gauge does not move.
I had the oil changed and NYS inspection is due now...
SRS sign showed few months ago but after restart the car it disappeared. But from yesterday the SRS is on.And it is not off. Please assist me to solve the problem ASAP.
Exemple i go to the bank ! Start the car from home ! Shut down the engine at the bank ! Restart the car to go to grocery store , shut the engine at the store . When i do it too often in a short laps of time , car seems to have the engine wanted to start but won't , sometime i give it some little push on the gaz pedal and it helps ! When it doesn't start i wait 5 to 10 min then , it starts but have a lot of trouble ! The next day everything is ok , when the car had a lot of time in between the restart engin ! And something i notice ! Before i shut the engine and it eont restart ! The last ride i do with it sometimes i stop at lights and the idle goes up to 2000rpm then goes back to normal , it does it everytime i stop or put it to neutral ?
I put ac pro in car and now the battery charge assist doesnt kick on when i stop
I start the car ac works fine compressor is running fine but when i start driving i not a hissing noise coming from the vents and it start to blow hot air. What's the problem?
Radiator fan may not be working. What needs to be fixed?
The thermostat keeps going up toward the H when in stop and go traffic.
Driving around all day - car is fine - stop go to store - come back out and car won't start - several attempts - no luck - 15 mins later - and it starts ? Battery a year old. What is wrong ?
at any speed when in od trans will whine until acceleration or manual down shift to 3rd
I have changed both headlight which were burned with new bulbs and connectors but the lowbeam are not working.
replaced lock cylinder and door chime comes on without the key in the ignition when door is opened
It works good when is jumped but theres still no power running to it the AC Compressor, I was wondering is you guys can help. Thank you
Malfunction indicator lights came on. Is it possible this just needs to be reset due to the battery being replaced?
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