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1994 Honda Civic. Below the engine and surrounding parts up front are coated with thick oil and dirt. We have a light drip seems to be coming from the left side "passengers side" of engine area. I'm not car savvy so I don't know what parts Im looking at so I took some simple green and a tooth brush and hot hose water to clean all the seams and bolts where the oil is accumulating. I'm hoping that after we drive the car and place some cardboard under the engine we will find the leak. What would be the most likely leak coming from the left side you think?
When my 1997 Honda civic LX is running in park after about 5 minutes the rpms will drop and then rise back up to around 2500. It will continue to do that over and over until I shut it off.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? injectors can be turned by hand
How long have you had this problem? everysince he replaced valvecover gaskets
I have a manual transmission. I got to take off and the car hesitates badly. Almost got in a wreck Bc of it. Losing almost 10mpg. Did a tune up...plugs, ignition coils, battery even! Changed, checked fluids.....what next?
Hi,we have 2002 1.6 civic 5 door,the r/f brake pipe burst so had that repaired then bled but still soft pedal when engine running normal pedal when engine off,normal pedal when blank one flex pipe off both sides but as soon as both are open it's back to the floor
I have a 2005 Honda Civic 2Dr value package coupe. Of late the ride in my car has become very bouncy in the rear and I believe that my shocks and /or struts need replacing. How can I identify which needs to be replaced? Can you also tell me the level of difficulty would a job like this be if I am considering asking a handy friend to take this job on as a DIY project for me? For my year /make /model of car, how much should i anticipate this job to run me if I were to to take it to a licensed professional mechanic.
With AC on there is a knocking and missing and whole car shakes, with air off no problem. Sounds like compressor hesitates and then starts again.
I tried using the shift lock to move the gear and even on moving the gear all the way from park to 1 the meter still shows its on neutral. And also it starts in neutral and doesnt shift. Please help.
I cut the belt off and need help putting on a new one, please help?
I changed fuel pump relay and ECM relay. I also changed fuel pump because that was not working at the time. Both Cam and Crank sensors are new. still sometimes has a hard start and sometimes won't start. Immobolizer key issue or ECM going?
I cant go over 25 mph without my car sounding like a flying saucer. Why?
no matter how long I drive my 2002 Honda Civic the gauge never moves off of cold. The radiator fan starts and stops, but gauge does not move.
I had the oil changed and NYS inspection is due now...
SRS sign showed few months ago but after restart the car it disappeared. But from yesterday the SRS is on.And it is not off. Please assist me to solve the problem ASAP.
Exemple i go to the bank ! Start the car from home ! Shut down the engine at the bank ! Restart the car to go to grocery store , shut the engine at the store . When i do it too often in a short laps of time , car seems to have the engine wanted to start but won't , sometime i give it some little push on the gaz pedal and it helps ! When it doesn't start i wait 5 to 10 min then , it starts but have a lot of trouble ! The next day everything is ok , when the car had a lot of time in between the restart engin ! And something i notice ! Before i shut the engine and it eont restart ! The last ride i do with it sometimes i stop at lights and the idle goes up to 2000rpm then goes back to normal , it does it everytime i stop or put it to neutral ?
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