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Anyone know how to disarm?

when using the windshield wipers only the passenger side moves.

i was driving on the freeway my car started to shake. i pulled to the shoulder and turned it off. when i turned it back on again it would just die so i rev the engine and alots of white smoke came out from exhaust so i turned it off. now it has a sign of emission system. what should i do and how to fix it?

when locating the sensors there are two of them one of the is in the front of the metal piece and the other is about 6 inches behind it and in the middle of the piece. I need to know which one is sensor 1 bank one so when i try and replace it i dont replace the wrong one. also the cheap bastards who make the replacements make you splice the wires if you dont feel like speding 3oo plus on the part. please help me

Wont start, I think it is miswired.

The person that "supposed" take care of my car I think that never started my car. I change the battery and my car doesn't started.

I went to change my oil in my 2007 Honda Civic Si and when I took off the oil cap the inner ring of cap was melted? Does anyone have any clue why? has anyone experienced this before? Is it major

error code P2252

sunroof glass cracked

Only happens when outdoor temp is over 80 degrees.
I'm in Houston area -- so that's 10 mos/yr.

Started a little over a year ago -- now MUCH, MUCH WORSE!

Happens when car has not been started or run for hours IF sitting in direct sunlight.

Also happens under shade if car has been run (2 miles) to gas station, then turned off to fill up, then I try to start again.

Sometimes it will start, but chuga-chuga-chugs off.

Never dies while on the road.

Lately has been giving a skip or two while on the 70mph highway every 30 secs to 5 mins.

Engine, starter, both turn over. Also hear what I think to be the fuel pump shutting off after I turn off key (after failed start attempt).

Can take as long as 20 mins of intermittent (short break of about 60 seconds each, then try again) attempts to finally start.

Beginning to get dangerous -- wolf in sheep's clothing to offer help is inevitable eventually!

the rear hatch light ajar light in dash will not go out even though the hatch is locked and closed....any suggestions

What type/brand of catalytic converter does Honda Civic Si 2l 2003 use?

Problem with daytime running/parking lights fuse keeps blowing, changed them 3times this month and keeps going now they just blow as soon as I turn them on. There's no splicing or anything on the wires, completely stock, also the dash lights are out to.

am trying to find the iac so i can replace it

replaced engine on a honda sonada motor turns but wont start

Someone hit my 2000 honda civic, and now when i turn it on, it starts hard, i can only get it up to like 4.5 grand and then itll die down and if i open the throttle all the way, itll die, idk what to do, i think its the ecu or some senor

Thermostate sticking....coolant temp is up to normal but it takes a long time before heat is felt inside car.

I got new brakes nothing to big in name but i was wondering how many miles should i go before they need changed again?

I drive a 94 Honda Civic Si Hatchback manual 1.6 V-tec. The engine is fine when cold. When it warms up a bit and sometimes when I push the accelerator to 3k+rpm while driving, it would bog or stutter or whatever you call it. I also have random idle drops and whenever I turn on any eletrical component like ac,headlights,radiator fan, and etc., the idle drops. The car also seems to be running rich as spark plugs become black pretty quick within a week with new plugs. Idle also revs to 2-3krpm while pumping brake pedal. I have changed my Fuel filter, Airfilter, Battery, Spark plugs/wires(NGK), whole new Distributor(NAPA), Coolant Temp Sensor(Honda), 2 Idle Control Valve(Junk), Air Temp Sensor(Honda), did a Coolant Flush, changed my fuel rail/injectors to known working ones, timing belt and water pump just done 1 year ago only. I am totally stuck, someone dare to have an answer or have come across this problem?

when i get on the freeway, at 60 miles per hour

Horn just stop working

everytime i start my car it shakes until it gets warm..... what can be the problem??

where is the drain for the sunroof located? mine leaks when it rains sometimes and runs down my shirt collar or onto my passenger when i go around a curve. i've read that it is a common problem on honda and acura caused by a clogged drain but i can't find the drain. how do you access it?

This hasn't happened before yea its fallen off the track but thats a quick fix for me. but now i had my window down half way went to put it up but nothing. no power what-so-ever. i was wondering if there was a way to manually close it or bring it down all the way so i can just disconnect and quick fix. i dont want to replace it right now jsut want it closed.

My mannual transmission civic power is very weak even in the first gear. Seem like the car is towing something heavy.
What is the possible problem?

misssing antifreeze no leak where is the antifreeze tep go hi than some wet eraund the engine but i can see leak

can someone help me please, well I had this problem for the past 3 years now base on my car. I own a 99' manual Honda Civic Si, once I drive it for a good 45-60 min. after the engine get hot, everything start to stop working. I mean the engine still running but once I step on the gas peddle, it will not move or go forward. All you can hear is the engine running loud, but will not move. Just can't afford to get it fix at the auto shop. I had ask a lot of people for help, but no one seem to know the right answer. So please can someone out there give me the actual answer. What cost the problem?

I need to know what belt goes around which pulleys on my 99 honda civic si?

how do you change the spark plugs

My sun roof privacy screen doesn't close all the way, how do I fix this?