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Would you think the airbags offered for sale on ebay are recalled or legit for this model? There is no recall information currently pending on the official Honda Recall website.

It will restart but die after 30sec
I was driving the other day and my clutch was making a whining noise when it was engaged and it will stop when disengage all of the sudden I hear a big snap and a big rumbling noise and my clutch was loose what's wrong with my car? Do I need a new clutch ?
I just purchased this car in Jan so cant give much in the way of how it was in the past but the CEL will come on within the first 2mins or so of driving or doesnt come on.
Is it connected to a fuse?
Everything else thats electrical appears to be working, however, there is a lot of moisture in the car, is it possibly just an electrical malfunction?

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I want to install Skunk2 Pro-s2 coil-overs
I read forums online that suggest this could be due to dislocated moonroof drains. If this is true, how do I repair this?
I need help! This is the 2nd time my right headlight died on me and I just changed the HIDs 3 weeks ago. I checked to see if probably it might have been something with the wiring but I commected my left hid that does work to the right side and it worked. The same problem occurred the first time that's why I bought new hids and thought that was the problem but apparently not. please if I can get some ideas or help would really appreciate it
My wire has broke and need to replace....?
But the shifts still smooth
80 chars killed me. I replaced the battery and now, when I turn on the head lights, the dash lights go dim. There are no indicator lights on. I have the CarMax warranty, but they don't answer their phones. Where else can I go that is covered by their warranty?
Whenever I start the car from a child start. (Meaning if it's been sitting for 5 hours or more). The car will crank over for a longer period than normal. Then, I'd I take off right away the accelerator seems very touchy, and the car surges and jerks for the first few mins of driving. After that the car runs beautifully.
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