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Mil light not turning on when powering the car
I own a 1999 Civic Si with a b16a motor I'm currently using a chipped Po7 Ecu but I want to go back to stock and go with the p2t Ecu because I'm currently having issues with the po7. How do I replace the po7 with the p2t do I just remove the old one a connect the p2t Ecu or do I have to do something before i add the stock Ecu, for example do I need to do some special adjustment or something?
I'm currently using a chipped Po7 ecu on my civic with a b16a motor it's been running good for the past 4months but it's starts to idle up and down and shut off only when I'm at a stop. Not sure if it's the ECU but can I use a different ECU on my car and have no problems or do I need the stock p28 for more long lasting reliablility I feel like it's the ECU or sensor not sure becuase every thing from the motor sounds good and no overheats or strange noises,please help!!??? Also it only happens sometimes and not all times I have some days that I don't have no issues mostly when I drive for over 40 mins. It starts to idle issue
I have a 99' civic Si w/ a b16a motor problem is it dies when I'm at a stop and struggles to turn back on,
Things I've replaced are the ECU, battery, battery terminals, starter, and distributor , and to start it back up I have to wait a while also it start back up fine in the morning, cold starts ,not sure what the problem can be
Pleas help I can't even drive it is it the tranny?

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Change engine
How long have you had this problem? A month
I have the airbag light on due to passenger weight sensor. Honda would like to charge over $ 1500 to repair it.
Waiting for a RECALL>>!! too many with this problem.
Do I have to replace the whole door?
Thanks Charles
Rattling sound it runs but does'nt run smooth and alot of power Reset timing according to specs and valves set at Intake 6 Exhaust at 7
starts after cancelation of the code.. what to test first. car ran great before I removed and replaced pulley. please help.
My car has 31000 and its starting to show starter system along with check starter system. Tool it to the dealer and its not the computer not the battery not the starter. And when i turn it off. And try to turn it back on it wont turn back on after a while. Anyone have this problem also?
I can't even put the car in gear

Now car wont idle right and stay running. I reset ecu by undoing battery cables and pulling fuses it said on line. What else do I need to do or what could be wrong ? The new parts are off a Japanese engine. My factory engine wasn't Japanese
Every time I turn left the front of the car makes a squeaking sound and it has also started squeaking when I break and go in reverse but those are probably different issues. It's my friends car and I'm just trying to help him fix it
slight rattle type noise at first startup goes away after few seconds i took off a heat shield but what else could it be it has been reflashed hondata
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