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Honda civic hybrid 2010, automatic (mileage: 78,000 miles).
Car running at constant speed (example 65 mph) on freeway, but the RPMs keep changing from 2 to 3 or 4. The car when braking at a traffic light bounces forward before finally stopping. Should I change transmission oil; does it seem like a transmission problem? Please help, thanks.
I was told I need to get my abs brake repaired and I need to know the cost for this, it usually happens when I have to brake fast in traffic
From yesterday evening am facing gas like ir blokage sewage like smell from my car.
Evaporator for 2007 honda civic hybrid. right hand drive.
I can't register my car until it passes smog test! Is there any way to reset computer in car, so it will pass smog?
I had to remove the battery to replace the headlight. Since then the p1600 and p1433 codes are showing up. Could disconnecting the battery cause this
So I've looked all over the web on how to install after market speakers into the rear deck of my 2005 civic hybrid, but the only instructions I can find are for regular civic sedans. The issue is that in Hybrids the IMA battery vent prevents you from folding the rear seats down to get to the deck to remove the speakers and put in new ones. I've asked so many people, starting to lose hope that it can even be done. I'm thinking you might have to remove the back seat and bench all together, but I can't even get instructions on that. If anyone has any idea on how this is done, I'd be very appreciative.
auto transmission gears are not shifting after the 2nd gear
One mechanic states new battery module needed a Dorman 2789 + 241 installation. Another states its faulty connector to Motor Control Module (MCM) or bad MCM. Who do I believe or is it time to scrape this car?
IMA replaced 7/15 IMA charge drops quickly after starting car and the charging side green lights never come on even when revving engine to 3500-4000 rpms. for the last three weeks if it dropped all I had to do was rev and it would completely charge up and keep the charge for 2 or 3 days.
Is there a way to identify the leak and fix it in the ABS servo unit? or do I have to replace the ABS servo itself?
Can the water pump be replaced without messing with the timing chain
former flood car, Had 6 miles on it when purchased, suspect a short somewhere, how do I trouble shoot? car gets better than 44 mpg consistently battery shows charging and will fully charge when driving so IMA appears to be working. Can turn A/C off and restart car and IMA light will stay off, but comes back on as soon as A/C turned on. Any suggestions?
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