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In theaat 6 months, I have replaced my IMA battery, the catalytic converter, engine battery, and the egr valve. The check engine light still never quit and the IMA light came back on the same day. Codes indicate that all replaced items were faulty. I've had it back in the dealership 7 times, and they finally decided to replace the IMA again. I repeatedly asked if it could be a comouter error, they said no, there was no code indicating an error, but no matter what we did, these codes kept coming up. The day i took it in to have the battery replaced a second time, the heat stopped working and the car overheated badly, causing the radiator to require replacement as well as other issues. They said the PCM went bad and failed to operate the cooling fan. They had to manually test the computer to find out it was bad, so I'm wondering if the comouter may have been the problem all along. Does any one have any idea?
Hi friends I need some help here. I have a 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid. A year ago during the winter when it started to get cold out I noticed the remote unlock on my key started to work less and less. I thought it was the battery in the remote key but about a month later when it was very cold the standard battery (not the charge battery for the hybrid) needed to be replaced. After that, the remote key worked fine.

Fast forward to today. As the cold started in about a month ago the same symptoms with my remote key started up again. On the coldest day about a week ago suddenly the VSA/ABS/Power Steering lights all came on. After about a day of that the battery on my car would just die. I needed to start jumping the car. After every jump all of those lights would come on. When parked and turned off, under the hood, passenger side, near the front bumper was making a whirring sound. This tapped whatever charge the battery had and in the morning the car would be completely dead requiring a new jump.

I took the car to the mechanic yesterday, who said the whirring sound after the car is turned off is the ABS pump. The mechanic removed the ABS pump in hopes it can be replaced, however now I do not have a working car.

Please, good advice and insight is needed. Help?
maintenance light goes on when I start the car and my mpg went down to 30mpg and while driving the rpm stayed a 4 when I was on the gas
how to repeir ima codes p1570 ???
It doesn't happen right away about 15 minutes of driving
a and they want to replace the battery pack for $4500. They also told me a mechanic would buy the car for $1,000. The car is in great shape and only 48000 miles on it. Should we sell it to the mechanic and never buy a honda again?
My IMA light and check engine light are on. The assist/charge and auto stop are no longer working. The battery light flashes from time to time as well. I went to autozone today and they said my battery is fine. I got a long list of codes and dont know if this is worth fixing or not. Any help as to what to do next.
Hi... Is replacing AC Compressor on Civic Hybrid is bit complex than other cars?
Should i look for specialized mechanics to get it done.

Kindly share your thoughts.
Im getting a rattling noise from my car engine and when checked with some mechanics they told that my A\C compressor needs to be replaced and will cost around 800-1000$.

Just wanted to check how can i proceed
was told transmission clutch needs replacing. need a quote.
Went thru 113 degree desert with hot air only
I have purchased an 03 battery pack to replace my unbalanced 05 hybrid battery pack. Put it in, but does not work. (I know it is good) What step am I missing?
Other that the plastic reservoir assembly it looks identical. Can the 2013 Brake Servo unit be used on a 2009.
I have a 2008 Civic Hybrid with 116,000 miles on it. I recently took it in to the dealer because it started shaking/jerking when I accelerated onto the interstate. They said I needed a new IMA battery. However, the IMA indicator light had not been coming on. I took it to a highly recommended shop for a second opinion and they said it just needed an oil change and maybe replacement of a swing arm (can't remember if that's the exact term).

I'm wondering what the life of an IMA battery pack is, and if the dealer might have just been trying to sell me something I didn't need.
I want to try recharging my AC, but the bottle says that I have to have a belt-driven compressor in order for it to work. I am not sure if my compressor is electric-driven, since it is hybrid. Thanks for the clarification.
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