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My Daughters 08 Honda Civic Hybrid would stall and she would have to restart. It would get a P0001 diagnostic trouble code , fuel volume regulator control circuit open? Are we to have the fuel volume regulator replaced? If so, where is it located?
my car rPM is going up but car speed is not increasing beyond 60
I just bought the pre-owned car so I am not sure how often the problem occurs. It has happened 3 times in 3 days.
I bought new rims size 18 on my Honda Civic 2007 and regular size is 15. But now the whole bottom of my car is getting scratches what type of shock absorbers should I buy?
It´s about the same to buy a used Civic as to replace the transmission. Would it be worth it and possible to get the transmission from a more recent year and put it an 03 Civic hybrid?
Is it safe to drive?
When I drive my car, after around 3 - 5 km, its front panel starts indicating IMA (the indicator IMA lights up). It does not extinguish till I stop and turn off the engine. When I restart, IMA sign is gone, but reappears after 3-5 km again.
they are on as long as i hold the lever, let go and off they go
Car won't start and we can't get it out of gear to roll out of the garage.
The tranny in my 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid (California emissions) went "PING!" and needs to be replaced.
The only half-way economical way to repair the Honda is to find a good used transmission assembly.
But, I understand that my used replacement transmission must be compliant with "California emissions"
How do I determine if a used transmission is California compliant?

I have a 2005 Honda Civic hybrid. The IMA battery light came on and the check engine light as well. The battery still charges as normal and operations of the vehicle hasn’t changed since the light came on. The vehicle still runs great. What could be the problem.?
We have changed the clutch as it started causing problem and after that battery won’t charge so car won’t start once started with jump lead can drive . Red light for battery is on. iMA orange light is on as well. It’s a after changing the clutch Where could be the fault?
2004 Honda Civic Hybrid, auto trans. Engine light is on and the o2 codes came up. Car has 205k miles.
last night the head lights were on so battry this morning was dead tried to start with some other battry but alarm goes off .how can I fix it ?
high voltage battery was replace 4 yrs ago because of a recall. I replace the spark plugs 8 months ago.. I
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