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We have changed the clutch as it started causing problem and after that battery won’t charge so car won’t start once started with jump lead can drive . Red light for battery is on. iMA orange light is on as well. It’s a after changing the clutch Where could be the fault?
2004 Honda Civic Hybrid, auto trans. Engine light is on and the o2 codes came up. Car has 205k miles.
last night the head lights were on so battry this morning was dead tried to start with some other battry but alarm goes off .how can I fix it ?
high voltage battery was replace 4 yrs ago because of a recall. I replace the spark plugs 8 months ago.. I
trying to find out if the AC compressor is belt-driven or electric-driven in my 2006 honda civic hybrid...
I have a 2011 catalytic converter and my 2006 Honda civic hybrid needs one I was wondering if I can replace it with it?
12 volt battery not charging only red battery light on other battery is chargind up
I need to go to California and I have to drive the car is losing oil somewhere
small engine light is on. My Scan diagnostic tool says power train requires update
After turning on my car in the morning, there is a tiny click sound then the chk/ima/battery lights come on. After driving for sometime and turning the car off, then on, the ima/ battery lights go off. The car runs ok till the next day.
I jump car and the radio went out
are the replacements any good?
Pump showed no pressure and there was 4 gallons of water in the gas tank. He replaced the fuel pump but the car is still skipping and sputtering when cranked.
It just came on this morning. Need to know if it can still be driven until I can get it to shop
My Charge/Assist and battery level indicator lights quit working about 3 weeks ago. I purchased a hybrid battery that was reconditioned and supposed to only have apx 30k miles on it. I have installed the new hybrid battery as well as replaced the 12v battery but I still cant get the IMA system to charge the hybrid battery or get the Charge/Assist, battery level lights to come on. Also, my auto stop does not work now. I have also installed a hybrid grid charger and charged the battery. Not sure what else to check/replace.
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