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When turning the key for the trunk I can hear the rod going up and down, it must have became disconnected. This year did not have the trunk release inside. So how can I access my trunk to fix?? Also a diagram of the lock assembly (?) how the rod should work in opening the trunk would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!!
When in stop and go traffic the temperature runs hot after which I have to add coolant. Suggestions?
Live in Ohio. Automatic transmission. Shifts great when temp is above 40. Also not warming up interior after 30 minutes of highway driving. Fan does not work on positions 1 and 2. Is this a thermostat problem with malfunctioning fan blade?
should I replace or consider rebuilding and replace the bearings?
i cant shift gears and the through out arm has little travle left
i have change the water pump and temp guge and it still over heats
spark plugs,spark plug wires,battery ,distributor cap, ignition rotor. what is the next step
car has been sitting off & on for years - is it wheel bearings or something else possibly?
I press the cruise control but no lights come on and pressing the set button does nothing.
Squeaking doors and Roff
Car runs great but makes a LOT of noise in the front end when you get above 60mph. Very little vibration. Just noise. Already had right half shaft replaced.
And I have that clicking noise when I'm turning slow and tight to the right in parking lot.
When do I replace the water pump? What other recomended maintenance should I do?
VTEC works but it has to be rewired so how much would it cost percisely? i need to know as soon as possible please.
I am basically downshifting to stop and when I hit the brakes it pulls to the left.
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