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car from CA - never rains - moved to PA car drove 1st time in rain & stalled out at end of drive -smelled burned electrical smell coming from ecu passengers side - car leaking water in car onto ecu & burned hole in green circuit board, further found hood no liner $ rubber strips tacked on no glue water pouring onto engine. Replaced ecu,main relay,rotor/cap,fuel filter,still won't start. rpm gauge doesnt move while cranking & a/t gear select stuck in park w/ key on. I have properly installed hood liner & weatherstripping. Any info on what else may have been damaged when ecu burned up that would cause car to crank but not start,and produce no check engine light or obdi1 codes would be great. I am disabled on ssdi income and cannot afford to take to shop or esp the Honda dealer, my brother and I are trying to repair ourselves which is not going too well. Thanks!
What can I do to fix it?
Drivers side window wiper dose not work
I checked the fuse for the interior light and that was not the issue. I cannot find where the fuse would be for the heated seats however. I own a 95 Honda Civic Del Sol Simodel with Motegi Leather interior. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
My (SRS) supplemental restraint light came on immediately after having a new battery installed and it has stayed on constantly since then. The Honda dealer states that this means my airbags will not function and the control unit needs to be replaced. I have no problem in not having airbags. However, could this mean that they might inflate without notice and unnecessarily?

The dealer states that this will be a significant expense to repair since the dash will need to be removed. I only use the car around town and drive less than 2000 miles a year.
The new txmission will shift manually into each of the 4 forward gears and reverse, but it won't upshift from 1-4 by itself. Txmission was tested before it was sent to me and provider says it is not the problem. Any ideas?
I replaced my Y21 transmission due to the fact a bearing shattered. I bought another one same tranny code and placed it but none of the gears would go in.. It's exactly what happened when my other one went out and no gears would go in.. What is the problem? Any insight would be greatly appreciated
I don't know why, but the radio won't work. I thought it was my previous radio, but I guess not. What can the problem be, checked under dash didn't find a 23 fuse checked in my engine fuses aren't blown either. If its a wire that blew or shorted, where do I go to get it fixed or what to buy to fix it myself. please let me know. It sucks with no radio.
Hey have a 1993 del sol si turbo my corner lights the drivers side stays on when I turn on my lights the passenger side doesn't not but the passenger signal works fine? Any suggestions or advice for me to get it to work, hard wiring? All the wiring looks fine as well not ripped split or anything my car is very clean, kinda bugging me have to see it at night all the time please help!!! Thanks guys
need a step by step guide as to how to reassemble my automatic rootop for my Honda Del Sol 1993.
I am trying to get my automatic rooftop to function. The electrician is getting 10 flashes on the computer curcuit located in the trunk.First the hydrulic system is activated the trunk is raised then the arm goes out and connects to the roof and retracts, but does not go all the way in this is when you look at the circuit board you see a red light it flashes 10 times.The trunk also does not lock automatic.
I'm used to driving manual, inside of car is so dark. I want to see when gear selections. Thanx cmr6737

replace rear window cost ???, time??
what is required - removal of both seats???
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