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I had this logo on for a year now but the car has no loss of performance. I did remove the battery so that the engine computer will be reset and also followed some of the instruction from u-tube to remove fuse or to press the clock button for a few seconds etc but of no avail. I would like to know what sensor is faulty. Will it be the oxygen sensor or other sensor in the emission control system. Please advise.
My check engine light was on last week i had it read at autozone but computer is saying unable to retrieve code. I've continued driving it and yesterday I parked and when I get bk in to leave it won't start. Turn the key and nothing at all. The green d is still on and it goess off. What could it be please help.. Thanks in advance
I changed distrubutor and water pump . I also ran car hot once or twice. But after take off it sems to be alright only happens when taking off or ideing in gear
I've had a local mechanic look at it and he does not think it's a headgasket problem. Smoke is sporadic but is noticeable when accelerating. No engine lights come on. Engine seems to have good pick up. some think I need a valve job?

Thanks for your assistance.
and I tightened the alternator belt... what else could it be? Please help
Fuse box and having to re-wire ALL those wires by hand? I have a 1995 Honda Accord
Will not start, I put a boost on it and it started up but after I turned it off it would not start again. I took the battery and had a full charge put on it but nothing come on
i,m trying to find out why my drive 4 light is blinking, i think it is a sensor,
I start with the gas cap, and it definitely lets out a lot of air pressure. But when I go to unbolt the service bolt to relieve pressure, nothing comes out. Fuel or air. And the manual says to be ready for spray. So I'm just wondering - does that mean my fuel pressure is not accurate? Or is removing the gas cap doing the job mostly? Thanks
Bought a can of r134a and the pressure was at 100psi. I know that is too much but how do I fix it and why would it be so high?
And also breaks barely wants to stop. S.n just got new rotors and brakes replace.
Whirring started suddenly today, 90 degrees out, cut off all air/radio closed windows still obvious sound at highway speeds which decreased as I slowed and stopped. Upon acceleration started back up again at around 30-35 mph. No skip felt in transmission. Oil air and cabin filters, new battery installed last 60 days. New tires last 90 days. Approx 68k miles on car, all highway miles, 100 mile work commute each day. Bought used at 36k in jan2013. All maintenance except last oil change done at dealership.
A side from the Maintenance Minder service, are there fluids, filter and or plugs that need to be replaced at 100,000 miles?
It was the ECU ...blew one of the diodes clean off the board . Opened it up and soot and black stuff everywhere and wow what a smell . Second hand ECU and he's off cruising the highways again ...yee ha
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