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Honda muffler was fine and check engine repair worked with rebuilt catalytic converter. Had ordered flow master muffler prior to repair. After installation of flow master light back on. Reset computer. Came back on and still on. Help?
Cv joints
my engine is dr4opped down why.
I have know known leaks. Radiator has been replased. Fans only come on when car is off. Are they sup post to come on while car is running too. I can't find any other cause.
I unpluged the MAP sensor to clean the idle air control valve (which I realize is unnecessary) it turned out that I didn't have the right size socket so I didn't actually do any work to my car at all. So I shut the hood and started the car so I could go get the right size socket but when I started the car the check engine light was on and the car was running very poorly. It only took me a few seconds to realize I forgot to connect the MAP sensor. So I opened the hood and pluged it back in but it didn't solve the problem, My car ended up dieing, after 15 minutes it finally started back up but now it idles very low just under 500 rpm and it acts like it is going to stall on me but it has only done that one time. It drives fine but when I come to a stop the rpm's drop below 500 and it comes very close to stalling. The car ran fine before the MAP sensor was disconnected. I took it to the auto parts store for a diagonistic test and the error code read that it was the MAP sensor. Bought a new map sensor but that didn't help. The car is still doing the same thing and the check engine light is still on.
Overhead & door panel lights, mist & int wiper settings, rear defrost, & being able to roll power windows up without the key right after you turn car off just quit on me. Other wiper settings, dash lights, a/c, & windows work with key. Any ideas?
Increased braking noise from rear - low frequency rumble - with slight vibration in brake pedal when braking - especially when braking from higher speed.

Diagnosed by Honda as warped rear rotor - both sides. Find that unusual for new car at 14k mileage. Wondering if this is a problem others are seeing?
My car makes a clicking sound when I try to start it, then after 4 or 5 tries, it starts. It has been doing this for several months, but the clicking sound just started a few days ago.
It has been doing this for several months, but without the clicking sound. That started just a few days ago.
I have a honda accord 1992 model. The windshield wipers went out on me. When I turn them on; they make a sound like they are trying to work, but they dont move so I was wondering if the motor is bad or is it something else.
My a/c quit blowing while on. turned it off and back on high with nothing on any vent setting . In my research to this point the consistent was the resistor needing to be replaced. I replaced it and after 15 minutes of working properly on all settings , the same thing happened. stopped dead in its tracks. when I replaced to insure it worked I left the resistor exposed for this . I have seen that it needs to be cool when working correctly . HELP please
Just changed starter about 2 months ago thought that would fix idle. Still fluctuating up and down will not idle at all. Someone mentioned the IAC valve, but want a second opinion. Any suggestions?
if you shake it hard, it will come loose eventually. Am I damaging it, and what causes it?
I used my car all weekend, get in it after it was parked for 15 minutes and nothing. No dash lights, no radio, no head lights and no noise when I turned the key. Can't take it out of park. The break pedal is firm. The navigation system had been acting up and freezing for about three weeks. Concurrently the TCS light would come on along with "!" and sometimes the emergency break light. When this first started happening I would pull over, turn off the engine and restart it. usually the warning lights would disappear. Periodically when these dash lights are on the AC would not blow cold then the next time I get in the car the lights are off and everything works but the navigation. Back to current problem, battery wouldn't jump start. I checked every fuse in the interior and under the hood fuse box. All seem to be fine.
i jush change the igition swich cilinder but my car wont stard i dont know if the key has a chip please help me
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