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how much does it cost to replace water pump

sometimes when i go out to my car ,i push in the clutch and it goes right to the floor, couple of pumps and works awhile, we are always bleeding it and cant find a leak has a new clutch master cyl,isnt the slave cly only control the out,if i change the slave hard is that repair.

I went to put my car in park and the shifter button broke off. Now there is nothing to press in to release the shifter from park and put in gear? Help! What do I do?

how hard is to change a cv axle on my honda ?and is better to change them both at the same time,i need the best way to do this ,i have no garage and little cash,so i will do the labor,also how long will it last when you start hearing the clicking noise when you turn.

Driver side door does not work, Motor maybe?

My car has blown through 3 alternators in the past 4 months, I'm guessing there is an electrical short, am I on the right track? I've read I can hook up a test light between neg. battery cable and battery, if the light comes on it says I should pull fuses one at a time until the test light goes out, then I'll know where the short is. Is this the best way to find the short? Also the radio was stolen from the previous owner, but no wires were damaged, could this be related?

emission light stays on. gas valve checked and it is ok

Last night when i was driving my car just shut off and wld not start. The battery light will not go off. It sounds like it wants to start. All lights radio n evrythng else works just won't start. Also has a brand new battery.What is the problem and how much wld it cost to fix?

1988,honda acc.during cold weather,steping on gas for 3 warm the car.
sulutios? THANK.

My Honda Accord Ex has 120,000 miles, engine light came on2 days ago. I took it to autozone and they said it's the O2 sensor or the Catalytic convertor.How much should it cost to repair? Just bought December 18,2010. I have a 3 month warrenty that says it covers the engine & transmition, However they garentee inspection and it will fail because of the light.I was wonderring the cost if I get stuck with the bill. Autozone definition: Catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 1 probable cause:

1. A/F ratio concern
2. Air leak near HO2S(Heated oxygen sonsor
3. Ignition System concern
4. Faulty catalytic converter

Car has 114k miles and is using 1 quart of oil every 2k miles. Is this normal

I recently took my battery cable off and when i replaced it now my radio/cd player will not work the number for the radio is 93c1032749 does anyone know the code the one i have does not work

I just failed inspection today and need to know how to resolve the promblem for code P0139 and P0455.

I hear a clicking sound on moving the stearing wheel, it comes and goes and is very bothering. I have 10k milage. Is this serious??

transmission is stuck in 1st gear,you can crank and move car with clutch,but wont shift,could shifter linkage be binding,or can shifter be taken off at trans,and be cleaned,thanks.

transmission is stuck in gear! it is a 5 speed.what will fix problem.

i have a 1996 Honda Accord LX, and I have replaced the EGR valve, and cleaned out the intake, and the check still stays on. What should I check next? I have another problem, actually two. One, where in the heck is the fuse box? Two, is the speedometer electronic, or cable?

the paint is coming off and i want to paint it a light gray and the interior a tan color

Not always, but ocassionally the gear shift locks when I attempt to change from park to reverse. I have been using my key to unlock from the side box of the shift.

It sounds like it is coming from the rear.It happens all the time. I hear it more when hitting any size bump.

Front left wheel makes a type of grinding noise, not all the time. Will make the noise when braking or not braking. Seems to not make noise over 40 mph. Seems to make noise when it is colder out.


I have replaced both the power steering pump and the reservior and now when there is a load on the pump it is making a wierd noise. Could it be a bad pump? Now when I turn the wheel a little it makes a noise and it seems to becoming from the pump.

how to replace a 1990 honda accord window?

Can somebody guide me as what to do with my 2004 Honda accord car having this problem.My car didn't start a few days ago in the morning so I started with a booster battery from another car and then replaced the battery.But following day the fuel level indicator gauge didn't respond and the light under it started flashing, After two days an engine malfunction lamp came on.I disconnected the battery leads and connected but it didn't get reset.

I recently put gas in my car . With in ten miles of the ride , the vehicle started to sputter . When I got to the stop sign . or make a complete stop it hesitates when starting off. What could be the problem?

how tomark the cranck shaft whit the cam shaft

my 1993 honda accord cam pulley sheered the pin off so my mechanic said let us replace the head and we did it ran fine for a few minutes the the cam pulley pin sheered off again the cam spins freely and my mechanic is at a total loss as to what caused this and suggest to just replace the motor

Bought an Ecoroute blue tooth device for my Garmin. Need to plug it into the OBD port.
Where is it located?

After paying for my water pump to be fixed and after the mechanic installed the water pump, to my surprise it was still running hot. I took it back to the mechanic and he stated the the motor was now ruined. IS THIS POSSIBLE?