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What should be done for a 2006 Honda Accord with 60k miles?

What causes problem?

the check engine light came on then went off and is now staying on. Please advise what I can expect to pay to have this resolved.

has anybody else had a problem with the sun visor of their Honda Accord? Mine broken after 4 years and caused danger problem.

wipers run continuously, cant shut off. Will run on high and medium, no intermittent or off.

where is the transmision fill plug

I have a 94 Accord that cranks but doesn't start. It has spark but no fuel pressure and injector pulse.

The abs light stays on why is this. Where do I find the sensor box. 1994 Honda Accord LX <> Shirley Crane

Had a blowout on my left rear tire, hole in the inner area of tire...took out spare, removed lugs and jacked it up, but tire is stuck and wont budge there a release somewhere? what could be the problem?

Periodically while driving the engine would lose power, like it wasn’t getting fuel? Recently while idling in traffic it acted like it was going to stall. Shifted to park/neutral
And gave it some gas and it would return to normal. Doesn’t want to start but after a few attempts it finally cranks. Last time It turned over, started to stall, gave it some gas, reved the engine, it choked, sputtered and stalled. Hasn’t run since. Thought it might be the fuel filter/pump? don’t know where that is located or how to fix. The timing belt, water pump, battery, plugs, wires, rotor & cap replaced @ 120,000. Just turned 150,000 miles, maintenance light is on, but not the check engine light….any advice??

What can it be if my fan is blowing out cold air when the heat is on?

Had high pressure power steering hose replacecd. They got power steering fluid on the torque converter. Looked like a radiator over heating mist when engine stopped.

well i started my cat this morning and it would not shut off even after i pulled the key out everything still had power so i took my battery out does any know what it could be???

parks lights stay on after all parts disconnected.

Took my car to autozone to get an OBD reading for my check engine light. It read:

"Primary H02S (no.1) circuit range/performance
Probable cause:
-Loose Fuel Cap (I Checked isn't the problem)
-Vapor Canister Saturated (No idea what this means)
-Failed vent and Failed surge solenoid (No idea what this means either)

and the second reading read:
"EVAP emission control system leak detected (control canister system)

Probable Cause:
-Open or short circuit condition
-Poor electrical connection
-Failed H02S (Heated Oxygen Sensor)

If someone can tell me how major these problems are and how much they would cost to fix.

there is a whining sound from the front right hand side, increases on turning


It is getting harder and harder to shift into first gear.
manual transmission, 304,000 miles with the orginal clutch Honda Accord EX. No problem shifting into other gears

I need to know how to change my transmission filter and how much fluid it takes to refill it.

I recently purchased a Honda and the person who owned the vehicle before put a passcode for the User 1 in the navigation system, I am unable to change anything with the navigation without this passcode. Is there anyway of bypassing the passcode or finding it out?

knocking noise around the belts. but im not sure may be water pump.

When I am at a street light my car shakes until I put it in neutral. Does that mean I need a tune up?

My 2006 Honda Accord has intermittent issues. When I turn on/off my head lights my car will stall if sitting at light or such, or hesitates if I am driving and I turn them on/off. This usually only happens IF the car has been running and is warmed up.

We got a 1998 Accord for my Daughter and have had issues with the Instrument Cluster panel Lights. The lights for running at night will not come on at all. I believe I have checked all the fuses for this panel but am not sure. I have removed the cluster and put in another Cluster but it still doesn't work. I have also replaced all the bulbs. Every other light in the Instrument panel works properly except for the Main Illumination lights. Antone have an idea????

Car parked at hospital deck. Drove car about 50 yards and heard grinding sound. Saw flat on front right tire. Changed flat to spare tire & parked at deck again. Then saw spare tire was now flat - seemed fine before. What could be wrong and any idea on cost estimate to fix? Our newborn is in ICU & we visit her daily. Need to fix ASAP. Thanks a million!

It started 7 days ago.I checked all the light bulbs and they are all working. Brake fluid level is also ok. It usually happens first thing in the morning when I press the brake pedal ,later in the day it goes off.I haven't replaced the brake pads in a long time. Could it be the reason of the problem?

what is the est. cost to repair the worn valve guides seals in my 97 honda accord?


My car sat for about 2 1/2 weeks when I was on vacation. The first time I used it after that, the idle went up and down when I was in park or neutral. After a few minutes of driving, the check engine light came on, but the weird idling stopped. My car has been driving and acting totally normal since then- I've taken it out a few times for substantial drives, no problems, no weird sounds, nothing. But the check engine light is still on. I took it to have the code read and it was "P0505" and the mechanic told me they needed to replace the IACV, which would run me $300. But I have **no** symptoms of a bad IACV anymore. Could the valve be dirty? Do I really need to have it replaced?


when i start my car in the mornings it smokes for about 5-10 min.,have to add a qt. of oil between changes.