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My blower doesnt blow on any setting. I had unplugged it checking rewiring the harness it was unplugged like a day. I decided to plug back in not sure why, but it started working. It may have even blew stronger. Thought it would never keep working once i turned off my car but it did the whole day. Then the next day it didnt come on at all again i wanted to check the ac refrigerant because although the blower worked the day before my ac wasnt blowin cold. I had just charged it and was working great til my blower stopped the first time.when ibought my car i had to rewire the motor harness because of a shorr and it has worked perfectly til now.
While driving in summer a chemical (unknown) is dripping from under the dash onto the drivers Toes and giving her blisters.this has happened for 2 summers now.
The green light on the dash doesn't come on sometimes.
Does the Accord use the same Airbag Sensor that is failing in Honda Civics and being repaired under recall? The light comes on intermittently. Understand that both automatic seatbelt tightening and airbags are disabled by this malfunctioning sensor. Found that I can drive the car with very gentle braking and it does not illuminate. My wife, though, just pointed out that you usually brake hard before impact if you get in an accident of the type that you would want the airbag to deploy and the seat belts to tighten.
How to check alternator is generating voltage or not.
My car does not want to turn on the first one, it turns on after 3 or 4 tries
Trying to figure out why I have ah airleak by the engine does the car need valve cover gaskets or manifold gaskets
My car for the past year has had an issue turning on . i replaced a computer at the mechanice for over a thousand dollars and it wouldnt start for him for a month her tried to fix it. Finally he got it running and that lasted about a whole month before it started with its old ways and won't start again. Key turns dash usually lights up and no crank . sometimes there is an old buzzing noise that it will do. It takes anywhere from 5 to 20 times to turnover? Any suggestions?
Replaced switch and flasher still doesn't work. Also replaced wiper switch with module
I noticed oil shortage during a normal routine check,poured oil and drove out just for the car stop on motion.
I had serviced this car some weeks earlier,please what can be done,mechanic wants to buy a new engine and am not ready for that expense.
My car all of a sudden start jerking when I was driving it and it wouldn't pull that good check engine light on and I got a code p3400
Car stopped on motion and refuse to start and service was done 4weeks earlier,battery is OK and all lights come on when key is turned.also realized oil level is very low with no visible signs of leakin.
I recently replaced the starter on my 2013 Honda Accord Sport and now I have no power unless the key is turned on.
The key fob doesn't work power locks don't work no interior lights come on when the door is opened and door doesn't ding, no electrical power at all.
Is it a fuse or relay
My back brake plates rusted out,I was told Honda does not make parts anymore for that year so my car has to be junked.This car runs great and I don't want to junk it,I need help the car only has 81000 miles
My car has had all scheduled maintenance
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