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After running a few minutes, the engine cuts off but it will restart almost immediately. The longer it runs, the longer it takes to restart.

all the bolts are off, i removed the bolts off the shroud, pulled, tugged twisted and can not get to un hook from that cover or move around the cover, how is the world does this thing come off???

Part no 72961-T2A-A01

Power control circuit
Ecm/pcm power control circuit
Internal malfunction

What does that mean

My car power steering leak too bad at elbow pipe under car, return pipe

I removed the captive screws behind the right side of the steering wheel when I replaced the cruise control switch assembly last month. I backed one of them out too far and it fell into the steering wheel. I can sometimes hear it rattling when I turn the wheel, but other times it gets stuck somewhere and the rattling goes away no matter how hard I try to turn the wheel to dislodge it. One time the wheel actually locked up and wouldn't turn to the left because the screw got lodged in there. I had to pull over to the right to rattle it free before I had full steering again. What's the best way to get to this screw out?

My check engine light is on. I have replaced the spark plugs, ignition coils and EGR. What is the next thing to do to solve the engine light problem?

at this mileage does timing belt and water pump need to be replaced

Same if right side control is set colder.

Thats the second time

My car is mostly highway miles and ive noticed the transmission is a little jerky now and i was wondering if any of you had had any problems with the 2012 Honda Accord V6 EX-L auto transmission slipping or being jerky. Also if anyone has found a solution to this please let me know or if anyone has an idea of what could be going on. I believe i recently also had my fluid replaced. not sure about the filter though. thank you!

car skips and want crank sometimes changed plugs twice ran good for two days then would not crank

It clicks like it wants to but no power for start.can hear fuel pump prime. Have cleaned cables. Was told pull back start (towards driver) was a theft prevention. Fueses click under hood.

I was driving home one day on the highway. When i was approaching traffic i pressed in the clutch to downshift the car cut off. I pull over and the cars starts again. I go on about half a mile and i hear a slight clunk and it cut off again. When i pulled over and tried to start it it sounded like a power drill running. I get it towed did my research and it seemed like the timing. I checked the distributor rotor it didn't rotate but my camshaft is moving. The car has a f22b2 which is an interference engine.

So I changed the ignition enter lock cylender well know every thing the key light will come on and start flashing it I'll turn the key and it'll crank but won't run in figuring its the anti theft Meck keeping it from starting the nearest honda dealership from me is 95 miles I was wondering if a locksmith was able to program the new keys in for me

Car stutters and tries to turn off once I accelerate past the 2.5rpm

my 2004 accord has steering issues it has a stiff steering wheel and replaced the power steering pump but it still makes whining noise so then i replaced o ring but still has problems now it doesnt pump fluid to pressure hose is it the pump or could it be the rack and pinion or what

in the mornings when I am going to work and in the evening when if get back to my car when I turn the key in the starter I hear a squeaky notice also when I turn the steering wheel I hear grinding squeaky noise and at times the wheel seems a little harder to start

When I first started having problems my cd was stuck in the player. The the light went out in the radio. This continued for six months. Then two times I had to get my car jumped and the radio and like came back on. Then last night the radio would not turn off

The temperature gauge goes from normal to almost hot

My 2008 Honda LX will not start. The battery has been checked and is fully charged. The terminals were cleaned and tightened and the engine will not turn over. Any suggestions. A friend mentioned there was a recall on the starter, however, I have been unable to find a recall registered with NHTSA.

P0341 code. On cold start only there is a rumble like the timing chain for a second. Sometimes Cruise control wont work after cold start. Sometimes it does but if it doesnt I shut the car off and restart and it works. but as i drive, the engine light and VSA lights up and cruise is off again of course. Putting a load on it on the highway at first will always light it up again. I had a mechanic try to fix it. He replaced the VTEC valve he said it wasnt actuating. But my problem never went away...???
Another thing is when the eng lite and vsa lights come on.... my diagnostic device also flashes the Evac sensor and Calalytic sensor icons only (with the p0341 code of course)... then I'll clear the codes and when it all lights up again it flashes the Evac sensor, Catalytic sensor AND the EGR and Oxygen sensor icons.
And one last question...
I need a sticker on this thing in a week. Will it fail emmissions under this circumstance?
Thank you and sorry for the length of this...just wanna give u all info i can.

Full tank of gas and low fuel sensor comes on going off at intervals during usage also gas gauge reads full after fill up but then drops off very quickly till it reads empty when there is still half a tank of gas

Vin # Jhmcd5548rc022400 idk what trassmission it has so i can get the right weight and type of gear oil manual trassmission

I'm just wondering if this vehicle is worth purchasing. I look at it tomorrow, but this Honda Accord was returned to the seller because the code p0730 was spit out. The original purchaser paid $2,500, but returned it that day, because she got the car scanned and received the p0730 code. Supposedly, this vehicle has had a JDM motor swap, which has 50k miles on it, but I haven't seen it yet The seller offered the car to me for $1,800... Worth it? That my only question. She's selling the car because she got an upgrade, by the way... Thank you for reading this

Had body work done. I don't know if it was omitted or if there was one. Door releases but does not pop open

I have a 5 speed so I shift between 1st and 2nd gear until it seems to go away. I have had a few things done at the shop. wires checked distributor replaced

what is the cause of this, for the past 2 days only

It stalls every time the car is started. What could be the problem? I am a mechanic.

placed new speed sensor last week but that doesn't mean it hasn't gone bad