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I was told that the oil seal was leaking so was the valve cover gasket. also the timing belt and water pump was changed it took 7 hours and when I got it back in less then a week it was still leaking. Tenn the mechanic said that the camshaft seal must be replaced and if not that the head gasket.I am a wits end what is your opinion.
It happened every couple times but now everytime I cut it off it does it.
I have a Honda Accord 1998 and have issues with the gear shifter and the car not wanting to start. It almost seems as if the battery is dead and I've even called for roadside assistance and had the car miraculously start. Its happened a few times and I realize I have to jiggle the gear shift to get the car to start and it almost seems as if it is stuck somehow. It has happened a few times and I don't know what the issue is and it is now happening more frequently. Can someone advise me what the issue is and how to fix it?
I drive less than 2000 miles a year, most trips 10 miles or less. When should I have the fuel injectors cleaned?
but if I push the trip odometer it will shut off and stay off ,but might come back on later and I will do the same thing with the trip odometer . I took the back to the dealer I bought it from and they replace the fuel cap .
when the car start to move, is when I experienced this problem
there is a unused harness under trunk trim, anyone know what option this is for?

2009 Honda accord exl
dealer says it's starting to leak
What can I do to fix this? How can I make it adjust?
The noise has gotten very loud. Sounds like a very loud old boat sound. The wheel has vibrations when I travel at 30 mph and slow down
About dashboard lights not working,air not working and my battery life keep dying
I found the button to turn it off but when you restart the engine, the Audio Power Off come back on both display screens. Can I permanently remove this?
only does it in the mornings when motor is cold, when it warms up it drives better ,this started after a head gasket replacement,check engine turns on when trying to stall in morning
i've been putting water in my radiator every 2 days i have a brand new radiator after the old one cracked and exploded i changed both fans and can't find any leaks also oil is fine no water going there 2000 honda accord where is the water going what should i do
I watched a YouTube video on how to reset the SRS indicator light on the dash and I pulled out a wire two yellow ones attached to a square piece and put two single pieces of wire in each hole and touch them together and nothing happened other than I lost my blinkers in my entire back taillight is there a module that runs the two?
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