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I have 130,000 miles and my transmission started slipping last year. I took it to Williamsburg Honda and they said I needed a new transmission. He said he would drive it until I could not drive it any more before replacing it. That is the only major problem I have. I don'tknow if it is worth it to replace it or to get a new vehicle.

the engine light came on a day after Midas replaced the clutch master, clutch slave and clutch kit. they did a lousy job after charging me over $700 dollars for labor. I had to return it the first time after the car wouldn't start. They finally fixed the clutch. then the engine light came on. they said code 6 was indicated. however, after checking it, they said there was nothing wrong and I should ignore the engine light. now the car is taking a long time to start. this has all happened within days apart. what would you suggest I do now?

I have a power driver's seat. It reclines fine, but it will only return to an upright position halfway. It begins to make a clicking sound halfway up. I am forced to drive in a reclining position. There doesn't seem to be anything stuck in the treads, but I can't figure out why it's stuck and clicking.

Its never been diagnosed etc.

How much would it cost to have a small crack and scratches in my back bumper repaired from backing into a cement pole?

While driving, suddenly my speedometer & odometer quit working. The check engine light came on & the D4 transmission light began to blink. I drove the car home, the car drove ok. Ive had the transmission fluid checked. It's ok. And the car seems to shift as it always had. Still, what could be up with the speedometer/odometer? There should be no way to defuse them. I am being driven to & from work because I don't want to drive it.

I need to put a little oil in the AC system before adding freon but all I know is it takes ND-Oil 8? Is there something I can put in it from a parts store that will work? Thanks Ken

ticking noise after starting cold engine it stops after gets to normal operating temperature.and ticking noise during accelleration.

what is needed? hom much shouit cost?

Sometimes when i drive I notice all of the lights will come on and all of the gauges will go down for about a second and then go back to normal. But lately when I drive, all of a sudden I look at my dashboard and everything's off and I'll have to pull to the side of the road and try to turn my car back on. This has happened while on the freeway and on the road.

What type of engine oil does thus car take?

Its shifting a little rough. Had computer read out the problem code was P0751 or P1751 Shift solenoid "A" stuck off.

Thank you for yuor help

My accord's engine has no problems so far, recently replaced front brake pads. I live in an elevated area and want to be sure my brakes are in top condition. When do I need to change my brake and clutch fluid?

The car was idleing fine shut off and will not fire, changed the coil and the distributor. There is power at the coil with the ignition on but coil has no fire. Any chance the brain is bad or could it be something else?

where is the turn flasher relay physically located in the car? I can find it and need to replace it. Thanks.

do u have to the tank to replace the fuel pump

i have water in the oil what does that mean

replaced transmssion P0740 light TCC Circuit Malf. will not clear the computer. Is there a software problem?

Could the problem with the heat not blowing hot be in the sliding temperature selector in the car? The blower works fine but does not blow hot and the car does not overheat. Also, have had trouble starting car lately. Power works but cranking to turn over is a bit difficult some days.

the cost of relacing a 2001 honda accord front wheel bearing.

my right map light is out and i do not know how to open it up so i can replace the bulb which is blown out

I towed car 1000 miles, car won't go into gear since.

headlight replacement at JiffyLube-$23.99

car fell like it shutting off when i try to park the car while reversing

my car stall while in drive

Is it possible to replace the stretched headliner with a headliner board? How do you replace the stretched headliner?

RAN INTO A PARKING CURB AND SOMETHING PLASTIC DRAGGING ON GROUND ON BOTTOM FRONT END!!! HELP!!!!! What is that plastic cover and what do I do to fix it myself? How do I take it off/ what tools??? I am inexperienced with car maintenence but this doesn't seem too serious. Help what should I do????

Grinding noise can occur soon after starting to drve car, or almost anytime. Noise usually occurs between 20-40m/hr, although I have heard it at higher speeds. Sounds like it's coming from front of car, although last month it sounded like it was coming from back of car. 2 mechanics couldn't hear the sound--of course it didn't occur when they saw it!

recently replaced thermostat and still the temp guage reading will not typically stay in at a normal setting once running. The heater blower does not presently work. Can the heater blower not working cause the eng temp to raise above normal? What might be causing the temp to occasionanly rise now that the thermostat has been replaced?