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Pop out in fifth gear
car was cooling,then stop,then sometime later would start cooling. had it checked by a mechanic. scanned with hand held computer. saying car is 40 degrees inside, causing a/c not to work.
what is the foot torque used when changing head gasket
Head frequency when putting a head gasket back on
All the fuses and relay ok.when I give direct current to fuse then it works.when I switch on ac nothing happenens.blower is working
Drove it yesterday. It was ok. Then today it will not start, but battery good.
how often do i need to service my car?
my cars been overheating on short trips especially when idling.once I start driving the temperature goes down but as soon as I hit another light it rises quickly. So far I've tested both fans directly to battery and they seem to work fine.I take my fuses in found out the cooling fan fuse keeps blowing.also tried to check the thermostat and found out it didn't have one.What should my next step be?
I had a leaking water pump and this past winter I found out that I had too much water in my block. My coolant hose that comes out of the side of my head under my distributor froze and split I drove home for about four miles after it split at about 225 degrees I went back through my engine after all of this happened and I checked my head for leaks cracks and warping no problems so I continued on and fixed everything adding a few modifications to my exhaust and intake ports I polished them and and gasket matched each. After finishing I had no leaks. But now have smoke and burning oil
What is this, what might be going on with the car, and how much might I cost to get it fixed?
A/C blew cool last year. Now nothing. I bought a can of 134A at the auto parts store specifically because it comes with a reusable hose and gauge. With the car running and the a/c switch on max the compressor does not engage. After attaching the hose to the suction line the gauge almost pegs out so I don't think the charge is low. The fuse panel has an a/c relay that matches the fan relay so I switched those to test with no positive result. With the engine off I can manually spin the compressor so it doesn't seem seized but the clutch doesn't engage it. Any takers?
The a/c always blows strong and the compressor does come on but most of the time not cold, i had it recharged but didnt change anything, sometimes ice cold sometimes not at all. any help would be great
started doing this today. had been working
My 90 lx with sport PAC won't shift in lower gears in drive with S light on. I can shift manually through the gears. Shifts fine in cold in weather but is a consistent problem in humid or hot weather. It won't shift into the high gear for expressway driving under these weather conditions either.
P0141 and 61-1
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