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I do not want to break the lens.
recently the car has been not starting i put key in it turns and all the lights radio etc come on then i go to start it and nothing happens. if i turn key over or apply a different amount of pressuer it starts sometimes it fires right up what could be causing this. It just stareted doing it. at first i thought battery then starter but it has something to do with the key and the ignition
i have a 96 honda accord lx, just had plugs replaced, now i have no power. need advice
Yesterday my car wouldn’t turn on I have a Honda Accord 2003 when I go to jump start it there was oil all over the passenger side of the engine and oil was basically completely Empty even though it had an oil change the same day
The whining noise continues when I drive the vehicle. Can you please tell me what is the cause of the whining noise or what may need to be done to stop the whining noise.
Thanks in advance
Now there is no power to system at all. Just like there is no battery in it. And with key turned on my button to change gears from park to drive, reverse and neutral wont work.
When it's low on gas , or when I turn a corner it shitts of , then starts hesitateing , stalls ,starts,stalls starts , runs fine for a bit , then does it again
Noticed yesterday when imtirn on left turn signal right flashes
this will happen in the morning, no weather problem, but in the afternoon will start with out of problem, until the next morning again does it, why?
2005 Honda Accord LX (coupe). I cannot open my driver's door from the inside. I have to roll down my power windows and stick my hand outside to open the door to get out. Started having this problem 2 weeks ago. Car is in really good condition and stays service and just now is at 100,000 miles.

Wanted to know what do I need to get it fixed and the cost?
Thank you,
trouble code p1383 cylinder position sensor intermittent interruption. what do I check
Batteries are good and the remote does all the other functions. Could this be a fuse?
I just have a short in the wiring system in there and I need to know where they go and just in case I get something mixed up or confused? Thank you
When i turn the key i hear a click but thats it no crank and doesnt start. Dashlights dont come on but radio does
Recently my battery needed to be replaced. I went to the auto store and got a new battery. Connected it to my car and realized that the pole were switched and I connected the wrong poles. Now that I replaced that battery with the correct one no lights come on in my car.
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