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I can put the car in gear, but it doesn’t go. I can hear combustion engine kick on for about a second, but it goes right off
I was driving and it just went dead and now when I try to go to turn it over it just make a clicking sound note wire to the starter and battery acid has gotten on them will that be the issue
We are cautious drivers, almost never gun the engine. We drive a lot in suburban areas. The trunk is empty, there are usually one or two people in the car. The mileage varies from around 35 mpg over a few hundred miles to about 40. But mostly it's 36 or 37. EPA sticker said 47, which we never really expected, but 37 seems pretty shabby. Sometimes the engine races at stoplights, when I would think it would be just running on the battery. Our local Honda mechanics seem clueless about hybrids, they just haven't seen enough of them. Any ideas?
What is the problem? There is nothing wrong with the battery. I only want to have an idea of how much it would cost to replace the hybrid battery pack.
My owners Manuel says DW-1 but I thought it was a CVT and that’s a different fluid
it was very suttle a couple of years ago, and now is getting worse
How long have you had this problem? over a year, but wasn't too bad, now is worst
When i first had this will take me a while to start the car. Ill wiggle the key in the ignition while turning the steering wheel left and right and it will somehow turnover to start. It was fine for a while but now its even harder for me to start the car. Ill put the key in but uh cant turn the steering wheel. Whats the problem
After receiving a jump, horn started blowing non stop. anti theft mode ? perhaps. removed horn fuse, finally stopped, replaced fuse. Now TCS light on and will not go into gear. Need Help?
Car is a 06 Honda Civic hybrid with around 183,245 miles on the cvt, trans. Car won't shift out of second to third it seems. Trying to locate some parts to clean like vtec solenoid valve and there's a shifting valve with a screen in it. But can't find the location? Any help on the location would be great.
I'm wondering if it blew the whole computer system when I hooked new battery up. Won't do anything.
I just replaced my brake pads and turned the rotors, now they vibrate really bad. Can the charger on the front wheels cause this?
When driving on the freeway my battery over charges and the IMA and ck engine light comes on. Is there any way to keep that from happening?
Hi,long story short, I took my car to the dealer for a oil change and they didn't put enough oil ,drove like that for 2500 miles with out know in
It was raining and I drove to the doctor, as I was leaving the car shut off and would not start. Had it towed and when I stick the key in the lights flash and then goes out.
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