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Driving down the road the engine just dies out of nowhere.I have 2 lights on my dash 1 being check engine (error says o2 sensor) , 2 is my ATTS. Now I don't believe that they are related. When the engine dies my car does'nt have power to the radio, dash or no power to my brakes or power steering. I tryed to pop the clutch while coasting after it dies, nothing happens. I will turn the key to start it again I will get the noise like the car is running and hearing the starter grinding. I try turing the key a few times in about 5 or 10 seconds later, it runs like nothing happened and drive normally.their is no hesitation in the engine or bog when it starts back up. The only thing I can think of is an ignition switch.
Any input in this problem will help.

My car was running just fine and now all of a sudden wouldnt start so I canged the fuel pump. I checked for a spark but there wasn't any spark.

It dies out while driving. Yet it started up fine then dies out before I can stick it into gear. Now when I try to start it, it makes a loud clanking noise. Not sure if it's the rods or bearings. Need HELP!

the car has had this problem since i got it earlier this year in February. the car will crank but will not start when it has been outside in cold weather for a while (mostly overnight). it is not the battery, i had autozone test it. there have been times when i would put it on a overnight charge and spent 30 minutes to an hour cranking it, sometimes it will start after an hour of constant cranking. but when it warmed up it was good, except a few times on nights when a bad cold front has come through. now it is getting cold again and it is having trouble. as of right now the car will start up fine, today was a warm today and luckily it started. i forgot to mention, when it does start it will start right up the rest of the day, granted it is not really cold and has not been sitting for a while. it actually does not have to get that cold for this problem to occur, if it even gets in the low 50s overnight this will happen. earlier this year when it was cold it would be fine and start up the next day if it was parked in a garage. well that is not a option now. i really want to figure out and fix the problem before, well, there is no more warm days. the past couple weeks i have been researching and i found that condensation may get in the distributor cap overnight which may be causing this problem, but i took the cap off and there is no condensation on the cap? i tried wiping it off with a towel and that didn't seem to work. the main relay is good, i can hear the fuel pump turning on. and this distributor has to be good since i drove it today? any help would be appreciated.

very large noise on the dry road every times when I make the left turn sound like (click click click...); don't hear it on the wet road, can you tell me what need to be change? Which side?

best Regards

all lights start flashing

after the car has been park for close to a year it's smoking black smoke even after an oil change

No code just popped on

Honda Accord V6

when i accelerated the car shakes a little the only code is p1122 tp sensor

the light came on (steadily)and it seemed to have rough shifting w/no get up and go....then it started jerking/shaking/stalling and the light blinks off and on... its vital i have a trustworthy vehicle, and i want to get a full high maint...workup and see whats what and start from there fixing all issues a cpl at a time by whats affordable. plz help

seems like it tries to engage but do not go all the way in

So I've been having a problem recently with my car, When I put the car into drive the indicator light on the dashboard does not light up. Normally this would not be an issue, but alongside this all the lights on my dash will randomly flicker at once, the windshield wipers will change speeds, the AC will get stronger and the headlights will flash from low to high beams, all at the same time.

I've attempted to do some looking around with a friend of mine who deals with cars, and he assumes that it is probably something wrong with the sensor in the gear shift, which ends up causing a short, and thus all the fluctuations. I'm hoping that it will just be something small that I can fix myself, otherwise ill have to send it to a shop, which I currently cannot afford.

Has anyone ever had this problem and/or know how exactly I could fix it?

My gas needle blinks empty even after I fill up. My speedometer doesn't work one bit and my mileage either.

I was using pliers but the cable seems stretched and they no longer work. I tried using a long screw driver to get to the latch but there is no access to the hood release. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance