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Seems like the switch under the on/off button is broken. Can we fix this ourselves, or is it a dealer issue?
My car has recently just started not going into gear. I was leaving the house and it was fine. I then went 30 seconds up the road to a stop sign and it wouldn't go in drive. When I pressed the gas the RPMs went up like it wanted to go but didn't. It won't go in reverse or anything. If it's in drive it normally moves very little when you let off the brake but it doesn't.
It JUST came on. Granted, the car is 10 years old!? But what would that mean?
plugs are good but still no fire too plugs,dont know what else too try
Like its not getting gas. Occurs all the time now.
Won't shift higher than second gear
I bought the car salvage. The SRS airbag light doesn't come on at all when I turn it on. Got an SRS reader and got the two front impact sensors and front passenger airbag inflators reseted & the front passenger airbag inflator is the only one that keeps coming up. How do I fix that
Possible problems
What else could it be I don't know what codes are on but will find out
What else could it be
IMA replaced 7/15 IMA charge drops quickly after starting car and the charging side green lights never come on even when revving engine to 3500-4000 rpms. for the last three weeks if it dropped all I had to do was rev and it would completely charge up and keep the charge for 2 or 3 days.
I have aprox 55 dents on my hood, roof and trunk from acorns. (very noticable, like hail damage $580 worth of damage) I have parked him my driveway for over 7 years and NONE of my cars have recieved even A Dent. Its obvious this car is made out of soft/thin metal! I think Honda should be liable due to it being a manufacture defect...why should i be responsible for a poorly made car? Anyone else with the same issue?
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