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With the heater core leaking antifreeze onto the floor board
My Ridgeline has been driven very gently and been maintained very well. Took it to Honda dealer today for trans fuid flush(exchange). My Ridgeline has 74509 miles on it. I was told the enigine mounts front in particular needed to be replaced. I must admit I was shocked!
My vehicle produces funny noises on and off in the exhaust or transmission unit when in driving mode, not too sure. It reduces power when in reverse gear on and off. It already done over 250km but still running okay despite those issues.
I have a new battery, antifreeze is full, and the hoses are not frozen. it tries to start but it won't turn over. No clicking sound.
I have had the battery checked and the altenator is good because when I get a jump it stays charged for a while. Then when it sits it does again. It starts instantly after I get a jump though. Idk what's wrong with it.
hands at 3 and 9 o'clock and tire has play
right front boot is torn and grease is out. could it be wheel bearing ?
Clear when i touched it to smell what it was what can it be ?
hi, I changed brake pads for 2005 Honda Pilot. After changing it, the car doesn't turn on. On dash board ABS, TPMS, VSA light on & click continuously & doesn't turn on the engine. Pls suggest. Thanks.
My car is reading po112. Replaced the sensor. Try to erase the code. It erases code. But it comes back on in 2 seconds. Check the voltage on the IAT connector. And reads 13 volts. Do I have a bad pcm ?
At 1st it barely turned over and then went completely dead after 5 tries. Tried jump starting but turns out the battery is fine (it's 2 mo. old). Rarely has it been slow to start and only once has it not started at all...thus the new battery. I have a feeling the dealer would love to replace the starter but sounds like this may not be the problem from the previous questions. Any suggestions??
2005 Honda Element, when I hit small bumps such as a sewer drain or small bumps in the road, the front right side seems to make a loud Klink sound. I have replaced lower and upper ball joints on both front of the car. When traveling at higher speeds 55-65 the front right side tire seems like it shakes a lot more then needed. If I were going up hill at the same speed the front right side feels as it's more dragging along. Any suggestions?
recently when I turn right the courtesy lights come on temporarily, this had been happening for a couple of weeks and now the door locks are activated also ? Its a Odyssey EX-L has 85,000 miles, I am the 1 owner.
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