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Would like to see pictures or video to see how to remove cowl and reseal it.

What should I be looking for-- fluid just changed and up to full

to get my hands in

Passenger side sliding door started messing up about 3 months ago. stopped working altogether about 6 weeks ago driver side door stopped working about 1 month ago. battery died. Replaced it with a new one. It still keeps draining. Have to charge it about every 3 days. suspect it is a problem with the door. Please help if you can

I just replaced the brake light switch but still they stay on and now make a pinging sound anyone know how to fix this

I just replaced the brake light switch

How much should it cost to replace a car battery- including labor?

Replaced the thermostat last year; had it flushed twice last year and more recently Friday (11/14). It was blowing HOT when I picked it up and less than an hour later I heard a gurgling sound and smelled an awful smell then no more heat. On Saturday steam or smoke started pouring out of the defroster (I did NOT have the heater or defroster on at the time)so bad that I had to roll down the windows so I could breathe. Now I'm told the heater core is leaking and needs to be replaced for approx $900 (the flush Friday was $150). The stench is awful and the high tomorrow is supposed to be 38 so I really need to get the heat fixed but I don't trust them now. Any suggestions????

And now there is still smoking coming from the car itself. I am brining it back to him again. I feel like this guy is robbing me what should I do?


I was told they are vacuumed sealed and I have never heard of this and want to fix it myself, Can I do it and not run into problems? Thanks

Not sure if its the starter or gas filter or what. I have changed the engine air filter and cabin filter about a year ago but thats it. I even took it to my local mechanic but it started fine evrytime i tried to duplicate the problem, nut it still occuring. Please if anyone can advise or assist,

Since then the transmission slips are getting worse! When shifting between third and fourth gears (gradually accelerating), the transmission seems to hang up between gears and makes an audible noise and vibration.

The continued vibrations may be causing collateral damage on other parts of the van...we've had transmission problems on the Honda Odyssey since we drove it off your lot!

Cost to fix my Rear window defroster

When the car is cold it runs just fine. The temp gauge goes up and the heater will put out heat. Once I move the car the temp gauge will be reading right and then will drop to cold, but the heater will still put out heat. then later down the road the gauge will return to normal.

Checked fuel cap, it fine.. battery does not seem to be charging, any ideas?
Problem just started today, car seems to be running fine..
73000K miles, original owner..

My car runs, but when I press the gas it turns off. I've taken it to the mechanic and they tested it in a scanner but it detects different sensors at different times that is tested. Please help, I'm a woman and I don't know much about this stuff.

I bought this car brand new, seems a little soon for new wheel bearings at 57500 miles.

I jus bought a 1991 hatchback and it was running and driving great then suddenly without a sign the tranny gave out. Now there is a lot of problems with anything to do with the drive train. I know some people with different year models that are out of comission for different reasons and I would like to know what all year civics or makes of Honda are compatible with mine. I would like to use parts off each one to kinda bring mine up to date. Please help

and thought that water being kicked up by tires into trunk. nothing tried has worked. could window on driver's side cause all those problems?
window interior system replaced

So, I went to start my car this morning. It started literally squeeling like a pig. I noticed a smell, so i turned it off. My daughter said your cars smoking mom. I just thought it was because it was cold. I turned the car back on. The battery light is now on, but the car is on. just idling rough. i sit there for about ten minutes you know thinking it just needed to warm up. The heat and everything worked in it. Then, it just died, but the heat and everything was still on. The key would turn over, but not crank. My dad says it's the alt, but im not so sure. i told him it was doing the squeeling sound when i started it about six months ago, and he said nothing was wrong with it. it has been riding rough for the past month.