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there is a cd stuck in the cd player, is there an easy way to get it out -- when I put eject error message says bad disk.
would buzz when turning the key, then after a pause and try again would start up normally
now buzzing and will not start, battery fully charged
The motor whines and then the latch pops as the door opens. Some times it will whine and fail to open. There are times it works as it should but I'd like it fixed. The part cost is about $400.00 from what I searched on GOOGLE but what's the TOTAL repair cost with labor and where do I go to get it done? The videos I looked at on youtube on how to replace the motor assembly looks like more than I want to tackle on my own. I thank you for any help you can give me.
The steering wheel is locked and the key won't turn.
front end and back making a lot of noise especially when driving over bumps
there is a unused harness under trunk trim, anyone know what option this is for?

2009 Honda accord exl
dealer says it's starting to leak
Going down a curvy road. Turning right causes the rear of the car to hum but it's quiet turning left. Would it be a wheel bearing?
What can I do to fix this? How can I make it adjust?
The noise has gotten very loud. Sounds like a very loud old boat sound. The wheel has vibrations when I travel at 30 mph and slow down
My Honda crv 2003 is doing hard starting after changing my Element value
About dashboard lights not working,air not working and my battery life keep dying
The a/c takes a long time to cool, even when in recirc mode, and even when it's not really hot out. When it finally starts to cool, it is nice and cold. Any thoughts?
vehicle coughs and sputters when going up an incline, after it gets warm it jerks, is it the TPS
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