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After it cools off runs great for 5 mins then same s### .help !!put plugs ,wires,ect.

Stopped suddenly blowing hot air

misfiring 2 cylinders not firing.p0303

Rattling sound it runs but does'nt run smooth and alot of power Reset timing according to specs and valves set at Intake 6 Exhaust at 7

starts after cancelation of the code.. what to test first. car ran great before I removed and replaced pulley. please help.

My check engine light comes on often and then usually goes off on its own because I need a new catalytic converter but since it's over 14 years old it's not necessary repair. But now the engine seems to be running very loudly and especially when I accelerate. I had a whole new system put in 17 months ago, so I don't think that it's that it's a different sound

I got a new radio installed in my 2005 honda accord two weeks ago and now its stalling when i try turning on. What could be causing this problem? Im thinking its cause the radio. It started stalling two days ago. It would stall but with alityle push on gas it would start. I was driving and it died while I was slowing down to make a turn. And now its stalling more that i stopped driving it.

New battery installed because car would not start two days later started car and all warning dash lights came on and stayed on. Why?

I had a re-manufactured transmission installed and they also replaced a transmission mount. After that , there was vibration at idle and the sound from under the hood was very loud. Vibration progressed to also in reverse and when started up. Now it does it intermitantly while driving, sometimes heavy vibration sometimes milder.

I'm thinking its the moonroof being clogged or the drain pipes which are attached to the moonroof being clogged and backing up into the floorboards. However, I need a tutorial to be able to get inside these tubes and unclog them.

Replaced both map light bulbs and now neither works, manually or auto/door.

I am having trouble with the carburetor of my car. I sent the carburetor to a factory to fix it. I got the carburetor back from the factory. I do not know what to connect the fuel cut off solenoid to because I can not find the guy who took off the carburetor. The solenoid has 2 wires and I think it connects to a thing that has 1 wire. I do not know what the thing connects to. The wire of the solenoid goes to the left of the engine if I am facing the engine from the front. I think the thing connects to a wire and this wire connects to the computer and oxygen sensor. I tried start the car when the solenoid was not connected to any thing. The car started but the idle was about 6000. I thought the car would not start if the solenoid was not connected to the car. Thank you for any answers. Kurt Stocklmeir

Is this a required maintenance

The brake, system steering, VSA light wont go out and the battery keeps going dead. After jumping the battery the lights still are on. Is this something a local mech. can fix? I don't have a lot of money!

SRS light is on

I had the compressor and vent replaced at dealer 10 months ago. On family trip, have AAA take car to local Honda dealer, not the same who replaced it as we were out of state. They say that it's the compressor clutch serp. belt and coil, with cost of $2K. My car didn't have the AC running for nearly a year prior to it being fix (end of summer/me not working). Now dealer says I can't get the car running safely unless I fix the AC compressor and all. How can it not work before and my car run wonderfully, and now it NEEDS to be fix for my car to run? Can't I just have the clutch fixed to get my car running and say screw it to the AC? my windows work fine enough to cool me off. Not pay $2k to fix after spending nearly $2k only 10 months ago for AC unit to be fixed.

engine will not turn over

Filled tank 3 days ago and have driven every day - guage has not moved.

The key gets me inside the car, but I don't see anyway to start the car with the key. Is there a way?

under dash above brake pedal behind cruise control panel

car will not start after new start motor

I was drive abt 250 km and day morning when I tried to start.but its won't start.I checked my battery it was good yet.60000 mileage and in the screen it was appeared as battery issue.please explain why it want start and give me a solution.this is auto vehicle.

Front heat and air works fine

I've noticed on a few occasions that after I go over a bump in the road, etc that one or both of my map lights will stop working. Is this something I can fix myself? Thank you!

Whenever the ball joint on the driver side front tire breaks.

Ainti theft is on what is the code

air cond. not working won't blow cold air

while driving the hand goe's up and down when I'm driving

Just changed my o2 sensors(both), and now im getting code P1157

Making clicking noise and pulls left hard also wheel looks offset