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The gasket O rings get pinched and won't seat evenly. I used a 27 mm socket to tap them into place.
2005 Honda Accord LX (coupe). I cannot open my driver's door from the inside. I have to roll down my power windows and stick my hand outside to open the door to get out. Started having this problem 2 weeks ago. Car is in really good condition and stays service and just now is at 100,000 miles.

Wanted to know what do I need to get it fixed and the cost?
Thank you,
trouble code p1383 cylinder position sensor intermittent interruption. what do I check
my 2005 pilot wont start. it will crank over but it won't start.
Batteries are good and the remote does all the other functions. Could this be a fuse?
Hi there,

I am in desperate need of a mechanic’s input. Please help if you can. Long story short but we had a pinhole in the CV Boot of our Honda Civic. We had the CV Boot repaired. The CV Boot was not installed correctly and the shaft came off of the car when my wife made a turn. We took it back to the Mechanic where we had the work done and they repaired it again. They admitted it was human error and they forgot a step when they installed the CV Boot. They apologized, repaired it and put a new (refurbished) axle on the car.

We drove it for a couple of days and noticed something was not right with the vehicles steering. We took it back to them and they said something is wrong with the steering rack but it was probably not related to other work done. The rack needs to be replaced. We took it for a second opinion and they noticed a crack in the transmission housing that was repaired with JB weld. The second Mechanic also said there was a problem with the steering rack. We figure that the crack in the transmission happened with the first Mechanic and they covered it up without telling us about it. The second opinion Mechanic also said that he almost never sees these types of issues with steering racks as it is electronic steering.

Our concern is now we are told we have to replace the steering rack and it is unrelated to other work done. We are extremely efficient and meticulous when it comes to our cars and we always have it in for regular service (hence why we had CV boot replaced in first place). It is a 2012 Honda Civic LX (sedan). Is there any way that the steering rack issue could be related to CV Boot replacement, axle replacement or other work first Mechanic did? Your help is greatly appreciated. We are honest people who just want to ensure we are getting the same honesty and truth from our Mechanic.

Please let me know as soon as possible. Once again, we thank you so much for your help.
Ok had some major work done, replaced battery, head gaskets, fuel pump, hoses,
Cooling sensors (2). Was told running a little rough because compression effected from blown head gasket. Once on the road, runs well. Engine light on again with the VTM-4
my check engine light came on, for my 2010 honda crv, what could be the problem?
iwhen i start my car the horn sounds 3times quickly....need this to stop
I just have a short in the wiring system in there and I need to know where they go and just in case I get something mixed up or confused? Thank you
engine runs hot
after turn car off there is no fan on in engine compartment
I have no power to the glove box light.
When i turn the key i hear a click but thats it no crank and doesnt start. Dashlights dont come on but radio does
I have a 99' civic Si w/ a b16a motor problem is it dies when I'm at a stop and struggles to turn back on,
Things I've replaced are the ECU, battery, battery terminals, starter, and distributor , and to start it back up I have to wait a while also it start back up fine in the morning, cold starts ,not sure what the problem can be
Recently my battery needed to be replaced. I went to the auto store and got a new battery. Connected it to my car and realized that the pole were switched and I connected the wrong poles. Now that I replaced that battery with the correct one no lights come on in my car.
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