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My ignition key sometimes could not be removed until I pumped the brakes and pushed on the shift lever. Now the car will not shift properly through the drive gears and the green "sport shift" indicator light will not go off. Also, a solenoid continues to buzz when the car is running until I depress the brake. I suspect the shift lock solenoid is faulty. Appreciate your input.. Thanks, Bob

My 98 automatic Honda cvic has abnormal shifting. What do I need to do to fix this problem

cold engine idles fine( but kinda hard to start) as it warms up it will bog down at wot and you need to feather the throttle to keep engine from dying.with iac valve disconnected i can goose the engine by hand but it bogs down when i plug it back in it runs worse.

Is it safe to use Lucas on a 2007 Honda Accord?

heater/ac control panel lights blink on and off then either turn off or stay on what does that mean

Will a transmission flash on a automatic help it from shifting abnormally and delay shifts?

Location of the AC Filter?????

dealer says they need replacement

Someone hit and broke my rear tail light cover and although the bulb still works and is in tact, the entire tail light is now dented in an inch or so. There's now a huge space where it is supposed to align with my trunk making it hard for me to open or close. Just wondering how much it would cost to replace the tail light and pull it back to align with my trunk. Also wondering how hard it is to do so I can decide to try to do it myself or go somewhere to get it fixed. Thanks.

valve replacement

Is there a way of telling if it's a worn clutch assembly, or the slave cyl., and master cyl.? And whats involed in replaceing clutch, plate, resurficed flywheel? I need to replace the front rotors too. It I believe has the captured rotor system which means removing the whole front assembly, does this sound right? Any help will be appreciated. Bob

Can anyone tell me if the bushings in the rear lower arms are replaceable? They want $105 to purchase the whole arm but nobody seems to know if a bushing can be bought to replace the existing ones.

My 95 civic has been stuttering while idling or when I am just accelerating after a stop? I have tried fuel treatments in the past and it worked last time. But this time after a tank of gas that was treated, the problem is still there. The car runs fine when cool, and when cruising.

Is it possible to give me a rough estimate of heater core replacement cost? Also would you be able to recommend a place in the baltimore/DC area? Thanks so much.

cabin air is very smelly

Where is the cruise control unit located


Wipers work in intermitent and instant on (pull lever down), but nothing, dead, in low or high.

my car has 75000 mile can any one tell me how much is the 75000 mile service cast?


cruise control not working???

I live in Indianapolis, IN. My driver's side door lock froze after car iced up on 12-05-10. Next night I went out start car and power door lock's would not unlock on sedan. Since it's driver's side door. No door lock's would open. You can hear door locking and try unlock. But would not unlock. I also could not get door to unlock manually with car key. I went to autozone & got some victor high pressure de-icer lubricant. Shot it in keyhole and after using entire cannister. I was able to get key to turn and power window's opened. I started car from passenger side. After warming up; door on driver's side finally unlocked. Power door's were operating efficiently. After doing some errand's I parked car (live in apt; car under a carport). Power door unlocking fine. I lubricated latch with silicone. Several hour's later I went back out to car and power door lock's once again would not open. Shot a lil more victor in keyhole and door unlocked manually easily. Once starting car driver's side door hinge not lifting or working with other door lock's from inside power door opener switch on armrest. After car has warmed up the door lock starts working again. Soo basically it get's working. Then sit's in cold; won't work again. I had a tear in my inside door weather strip. So I took car to dealer had strip replaced. Talking service guy I explained problem. He applied some lubricant to door lock. Thought maybe some moisture, frost in door refreezing. Didn't recommend replacing anything. Said if problem continue's bring it back in. As it is suppose to warm up into high 30's later this week. So I have been leaving driver's side door unlocked out of fear of it not working. When I get in car and check power door lock's. They all 3 work except the driver's side. After driving, warming car up and rechecking. The driver's side door lock start's working again. It is sticking when car cold. Working fine from inside and remote. It;s just not opening after it sit's in cold. I saw a previous question on a 97 car door that would not unlock with suggestion of removing door panel and lubricating with wd-40 and then lubricating oil all door mechanism's. Is this what I need to do? If so how easy/hard is it to remove door panel? Should I just take it back to dealer and insist they do this? Thank's for any reply's. -----------------------------------------------Tim In Indy

A few days ago, I noticed (the last time I had my car's oil changed (about a month ago))someone there overfilled the coolant! Then, today when driving it, all of a sudden it no longer blew hot air! It is not overheating and the blower is working fine! Any suggestions & is the overfilled coolant at all related?

This hasn't happened before yea its fallen off the track but thats a quick fix for me. but now i had my window down half way went to put it up but nothing. no power what-so-ever. i was wondering if there was a way to manually close it or bring it down all the way so i can just disconnect and quick fix. i dont want to replace it right now jsut want it closed.

This happened last year and I reset the code and the light went off and has not returned until today. When diagnostic was run last year and yesterday Rocker Arm came up both times. Light does not flash, just stays one. What is going on

My son hit a curb and set off the passenger and driver airbags? I need to find out how much it costs to replace them?

how do you change headlights

what should my cca be on my battery?

When I turn on my car, it starts massively leaking engine oil. It's coming out about as fast as it does when you empty the tank during an oil change. It looks like it is flooding through the big timing belt cap. Any idea what needs to be replaced and how much I will be in debt after this? Is it better to take it into the dealer or will any repair shop know how to fix it right?


i drove to work this morning and when i went to leave it wouldn't start. a friend jump it and it started. on my way home it started like doing little hiccupps and then this light came on