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I need help finding the glass relay on my Honda odyssey I looked for it but couldn't find it can I get some help
But can't find the right picture
I tested solenoid it has 16 ohms resistance an seems to be clicking good when I apply 12 volts
2003 Honda CR-V. Recently had an oil changing thinking that was the problem. It is at 183,000 miles. It idles rough or feels like it wants to stall out. It's even worse with the AC on, so I usually turn the AC off at long traffic lights. The oil light also flickers but never stays on, especially when in park and I slightly ramp the RPMs and release. Any idea what to test?
Wwouldnt start it wouldn't turn over nothing at all only lights worked so not battery
The car has 210,000 and still going ,ok so had the car for a few yrs. and a few things I thought of :
Had a Viper remote start and has been removed completely (thought that was an issue, NOT)
THe car HAS HAD Replaced:
replaced the spark plugs
replaced the ENtire ignition switch from Honda
fuel pressure regulator
Distributor cap
***Keep in mind this is an intermitted sits the motor is cold go to start the car during the SUMMER and warm weather is completly fine. During the cold season is when it is a VERY big prob!!! The car may or may not Start. Gauges function, battery kicks on, no delaied response, hears fuel pump kick on, and clicks over ...but will NOT start. Of course tried too many times and then start to smell gas, so ya thinking I flooded it at that point. BUt try several times even sit few mins turn battery on and click over bf turning the key over completely to start and still no difference. Funny part is....... Say i get in the car start up that morning, drive to run my mommy errins and run into a few stores for a few mins, come out, and low and behold the CAR WILL NOT start for the life of me!!! ^_^ There is no telling when this happens. Could be fine one day and then all day a disaster and not start no matter what or here in there. Last Winter was AWFUL and I'm trying to get some answers before this WINER hits agian. Cross my fingers somebody has had this issue before!!! Help Please! ***
Once the driver side door is unlocked, the key fob works on all the other locks (that's how I know there is nothing wrong with that). I also can manually use the door lock on door for other doors BUT I have to manually use the door lock to unlock and lock the drivers door only. Honda dealership said it would be $425 to fix just by hearing the problem but they never actually got into the door. All other shops I have talked to will charge me to diagnose the problem.
I don't know why, but the radio won't work. I thought it was my previous radio, but I guess not. What can the problem be, checked under dash didn't find a 23 fuse checked in my engine fuses aren't blown either. If its a wire that blew or shorted, where do I go to get it fixed or what to buy to fix it myself. please let me know. It sucks with no radio.
I see smoke out of tail pipe when accelerated
2 Dealerships can't figure out the problem. What is causing thiis?
Car braked perfectly. Sat for 1 month, then full front vibration. Drove, heated brakes, broke off rust build up, just wheel vibration when stopping at about 40 MPH. Was told I needed front brakes, rotors, etc. and all kinds of work on rear. Went from smooth as glass to warped rotors in 1 month? Review and advise if this appears correct.
it's not getting the gear signals from the transmission/shifter to the dashboard/car not letting me turn it on even by unlocking the shifter it still will show no signal on any other gear
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