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In the winter time my windows have trouble closing back up. It got stuck once and wouldn't come back up. My father decided to fix this himself, after he fixed the window problem my door now makes a weird noise (groaning noise) everytime I lock my car. I assume my father didn't do a great job and left something un-screwed when he took apart my door to fix my window. What is the best solution to this problem? If I happen to take it to a shop, how much is the estimated price?

I am assuming this is a "Power Door Lock Actuator Replacement" problem?

*a groaning noise from the door as the lock is operating.

one head light is out and I want to replace both head lights at the same time. there isn't enough room for my hand to get behind the bulbs and unscrew to pull out. what the trick?

shift lever locks in park can release according to honda book but locks again when put in park to nremove key.

My steering wheel shakes and vibrates when i go over 50 mph. any guesses as to what it could be? thanks!

2003 pilot timing belt

I'd been driving all day & all of sudden the car wouldnt go faster than 5-10mph no matter how hard i pressed the gas. I was able to put into reverse but it did not provide enough power to back up a small incline. Once parked I turned off the car and then started it back up after 10 minutes. It now appears to be fine but the CEL is now on. Any thoughts?

what are the potential causes that could trigger the IMA light? Car has 122000 miles.

On my 2002 Honda Insight, the Gas gage does not work. What causes this condition?

My 2005 Honda Civic is blowing cool air when at the lower rpm's or at idle....When excelerating or the rpms are increasing the air is blowing very hot! Also, the car is not overheating...I had the thermo replaced & coolant bled 2 times...any suggestions?


My Element, which has been very faithful to me, began having trouble starting up ever since I left my lights on at work one day. I jumped it and it worked ok for a few months, but then after a while the car wouldn't start. I replaced the battery about a week ago, but for the last 2 mornings it has started to make the same pathetic coughs it used to make at startup. Right when I placed the new battery in, it started immediately and sounded healthy. Now it sounds like it did before I purchased a new battery...
Quick note, the alternator tested fine, and I have not had any other sort of problem like this before. Any ideas?

How do you change out head lights

when to replace timing belt

How much would it cost to replace the clutch on above mentioned car

How do I remove headlight assembly to replace bulbs?

I have a 2002 Accord with 50K on it. About a week ago the airbag light came on and won't go off. What can I do to make it turn off without having to go to a repair shop?

Here we go again. I bought my honda civic hybrid new in fall of 2005. It now has about 123,500 miles on it and up until about 8 months ago (when I had about 109,000 miles on it)the only problem I had is a shudder on acceleration. So 8 months ago, my check engine light goes on and my mechanic says I need a new oxygen sensor, so I replaced it. Then, 3 months later, my check engine light goes on again. I take it to Honda and they say that I need a new oxygen sensor AND a new transmission. I brought the car back to my mechanic, who replaced the oxygen sensors for free. I also started contacting HOnda at this time because I don't think my trans should be going at such low mileage. Basically, honda only offers to give me $500 towards a new trans, which they priced at about $4000. I didnt have that kind of money to replace the trans so they said that it would be fine for me to continue to drive it until the trans completely goes. So thats wjhat I have been doing. Now, my check engine light has gone on again and this time they are saying its my catalytic converter which I am told will cost me $1200. Add that to the $4000 price tag of a new trans and I dont know if its worth it, at this point, to put all that money into a car with so many miles. Does anyone have any experience with this? If I spand $5200 to fix my car is somethinge else (engine, battery...) just going to go? Do I trade it in at this point and get somethinge else? Please help, I need advice

how do i replace the mirror, glass only, on passenger outside. seems like it has to be scraped off and new one glued in place

does a 2000 honda accord v-6 need to have the timing belt replaced every 90,000

How I know It is necessary to change it an how much

My car was making a squealing noise when starting it up which would stop soon after. Then it began to continue squealing while driving. Took car to mechanic and he tightened the belts. I drove car for two days and on the third day while driving out of the drive way I could not steer the car either left nor right. Looked under the hood to discover that the belt on the drivers side had snapped. I'm not sure which belt this may be but I don't think it is the timing belt since I had it replaced right at 110,000 miles. Car has been parked every since. I have to have car towed back to the shop for the mechanic to check it out. I want to have some idea of what to expect when i get there in order to determine if I want to take it to the same place or not. I trust the mechanic and have always taken my car to him, I believe he just tightened the belt too tight.

I own (bought new) a 2003 Honda Pilot that has been fabulous.I always followed the maintenance schedule to include two 100,000 mile services .The vehicle has 199,000+.
I recently took it to one of the quickie Valvolene oil change sites and they changed the oil.Before they started I told them to be careful with the oil plug since it was oversized due to the threads being stripped.
When they said it was ready the mechanic said he had put a new oil plug in for me and I assumed it too was oversized.
I drove home (about 1.2miles) and looked out my front door an hour or so later and noticed a huge s[pot of liquid on my driveway.I checked and it was oil.I immediately drove to the Valvolene shop and they admitted that the they saw oil leaking as I was pulling out but they didn't know how to get in touch with me.They couldn't get a reading on the dip stick and had to put in four quarts.I now notice my engine pecking (it has been several hundred miles since the incident)and I can't recall it pecking like that previously.
My question is if the engine was damaged would I know it by now and would it be more than a pecking sound? and do you recommend I do anything to minimize further damage ?

2006 honda crv/awd/loud humming noise developes above 20mph,subsides when going uphill

How much should a full front and rear brake job cost?

problem just started....passenger side works fine. Driver side will not move. Thought it was frozen but have shipped away the ice and set the defrosters on for a while to thaw

3 Gallons of Kerosene was poured in the tank of my 04 Honda Accord. I disconnect the gas line at the block but the fuel pump will only run while cranking it over. Is there a sensor or relay I can jump out to make the pump run continuosly? If so where is it located. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP.

when step on the brake pedal the car brakes to the right 60% of the time and 40% to the left side are the calipers sticking or is there a brake pressure equalizer gone bad. Can the rack and pinion be part of the problem?

The car has over 150k on it and has never had the belt replaced, help? I would love a step by step run down with pictures of how to replace a timing belt and water pump.

I have changed the thermostat, pcv valve, new coolant and it still overheats and has an eratic idle. It does not have eratic idle upon startup, but after about 3-4 minutes is when it starts. Also the hose for the pcv valve wants to suck in as if it is starving for air. Cannot figure it out. PLEASE HELP!

At start up my civic seems to be loud. What's causing the loud noise? It has 167,000 miles. Just recently my check engine light came on. Used a dianostic code reader. It read PO741. Any helpful info would help. Thank you.

I am buying a 1993 del Sol and went to the inspection station. They said the beam was distorted and that I needed to replace the entire assembly at $240 - are they serious? Any suggestions?