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cost for power steering flush and how often is this required

Is it possible for me to change out a front driver side fender panel? (I was having problems just removing one of the plastic clips from inside the wheel well area.) Should I try to get the replacement parts from the dealership or can someone recommend a reliable e-store that will get me quality parts. Thanks.

Th e engine cut out like out of fuel a few times then it cut out for good.I looked for a fuel filter but could not locate.

The blower intermittently works on my 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid. It seems that when I go over a bump in the road, it will begin to work again, but stops working randomly. I think it's the blower motor. If it were the fuse, it wouldn't work ever. I also don't know where the blower motor is located on the car.

Cost of replacing throttle position sensor/switch for 99 honda accord 4 door.

can i drain all the fluid from the tranny in one whack?

Was having problems with my front brakes. I had my rotors turned but my car is shaking and making a loud screeching noise whenever I come to a stop. Could you tell me what the problem may be?

My odometer light is out on my vehicle. I would like to know how to fix this?

I would like to know how to fix the clock light that is burned out on my 2003 Odyssey?

Vehicle traveling a4 45mph, up slight incline 5-6 degree, shuddered and slowed 3 times, slowed to 30mph. Traveled 1-2 miles, vehicle shuddered and stopped to 0 mph, 2 times.

on 2005 cr v lx for a brief time it sputtered when pushing on gas pedal from a stop. That went away, still seems to run fine. check engin light came on, had code reader put on it, saying PO170 bank 1 x2 (system to lean) where do I start ?

how to change light on rear door(trunk)?

also, may not be financially able to do this for a couple of weeks cause of xmas etc. will that present any dangers other than wear and tear associated with movement by the engine?

i here the timing belt must be replaced at approxiamately 125k miles. if so, what about this idler wheel squeal i read on this site? should i repalace both parts? 2. how soon should the rear engine mounts be replaced?

why do i have oil in my radiator

I have no blower at any fan selection.

In the winter time my windows have trouble closing back up. It got stuck once and wouldn't come back up. My father decided to fix this himself, after he fixed the window problem my door now makes a weird noise (groaning noise) everytime I lock my car. I assume my father didn't do a great job and left something un-screwed when he took apart my door to fix my window. What is the best solution to this problem? If I happen to take it to a shop, how much is the estimated price?

I am assuming this is a "Power Door Lock Actuator Replacement" problem?

*a groaning noise from the door as the lock is operating.

one head light is out and I want to replace both head lights at the same time. there isn't enough room for my hand to get behind the bulbs and unscrew to pull out. what the trick?

shift lever locks in park can release according to honda book but locks again when put in park to nremove key.

My steering wheel shakes and vibrates when i go over 50 mph. any guesses as to what it could be? thanks!

2003 pilot timing belt

I'd been driving all day & all of sudden the car wouldnt go faster than 5-10mph no matter how hard i pressed the gas. I was able to put into reverse but it did not provide enough power to back up a small incline. Once parked I turned off the car and then started it back up after 10 minutes. It now appears to be fine but the CEL is now on. Any thoughts?

what are the potential causes that could trigger the IMA light? Car has 122000 miles.

On my 2002 Honda Insight, the Gas gage does not work. What causes this condition?

My 2005 Honda Civic is blowing cool air when at the lower rpm's or at idle....When excelerating or the rpms are increasing the air is blowing very hot! Also, the car is not overheating...I had the thermo replaced & coolant bled 2 times...any suggestions?


My Element, which has been very faithful to me, began having trouble starting up ever since I left my lights on at work one day. I jumped it and it worked ok for a few months, but then after a while the car wouldn't start. I replaced the battery about a week ago, but for the last 2 mornings it has started to make the same pathetic coughs it used to make at startup. Right when I placed the new battery in, it started immediately and sounded healthy. Now it sounds like it did before I purchased a new battery...
Quick note, the alternator tested fine, and I have not had any other sort of problem like this before. Any ideas?

How do you change out head lights

when to replace timing belt

How much would it cost to replace the clutch on above mentioned car

How do I remove headlight assembly to replace bulbs?