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where is the electrical connection to the blower fan ina 1992 honda accord? All fuses are fine and I want to see if the switch is bad before pulling out the blower itself.

got a jump and the guy hooked up the cables backwards,(I should've checked)
tried cranking it over before realizing the problem, now we get nothing.does anyone know if theres an inline fuse or something involved here, we cant seem to find it. thanks

My car will not start when the weather is very hot. Now that it is winter, it starts just fine. would this be a sensor problem or what?

My car is stuck in 4 wheel drive. This has happened at least every 3 months. Mechanic wants to charge $250 to replace the transfer case? I am being overcharged?? Help!

I was turning my car on the other day...As I turned the key and the accessories came on before I started car I heard a thud noise...then, when I started the car the AC/HEATER still works BUT it wont alternative from normal air flow, (coming staight at you)to bi-level or feet or defrost.

After coming from the car wash and getting the interior cleaned by the car wash attendants, my navigator will not work. There is a pop up message saying the Navigator box is open or there is no DVD. Where is the navigator box? I suspect the car wash attendants might have inadvertently pressed a button or something.

how can u tell if tec, really changed trans oil by dropping pan, and if all oil was taken out?

my car misses out i cleaned the plugs no help it had a tune up 2 years ago lol new wires i think the distributer is new should i change the plugs after 2 years it was running good i went 15 miles from austin to round rock when i got back it started.

I recently had my transmission replaced. When I got the car back, it has problems properly engaging when I adjust the shifter. When I move it to "D" the "D" light doesn't light up. I have to shift to D3 or lower and back to D to get it to light up. If it isn't lit, the transmission goes into other gears. The mechanic is telling me the cable is stretched. I think it's odd that it wasn't a problem before he replaced the transmission but now is afterward. What causes this and could it be related to the transmission replacement? Thanks!

t first it seemed to be a slight grinding but after three days it became louder more present grinding noise. At best is the noise coming from the rotor warp or lack of material on the rotor itself or pad demise.

what is the actual labor time?

The car is overheating but I have no heat in the car. The no heat would cause me to think its the thermostat, but it doesn't explain why It's over heating?

I have a 1999 Honda Odyssey EX and it has 126,000 miles on it. The malfunction indicator lamp (check engine light) just came on. I have read that adding gas additives and putting in high octane gas may fix the problem. Is that the best route to go?

i would like to know the error codes are please

Wher can I find the fuses?

I turned off the car and went into a store for 15 min. When I came out the ac was not working. The fan will only comes on when you turn it to high. It also blows high in the low position and nothing in-between. What should I do first?

When driving on the freeway the temp gauge is normal but when I slow down or stop the gauge goes up to hot stay there for about 2 minutes and the heat stop working. I’ve change the thermostat twice but that did not solve the problem.

my accord all of a sudden started losing power to all gauges radio works when nut running i have no battery light on at all but acts like its dead,i have a new battery,starter and terminals on it

While driving my automatic, it did not want to go into the next gear as speed increased. Later that night, it would start up but not reverse or drive when put into gears. It would only ease forward as if it were in neutral. I checked the transmission fluid and it was quite low, so I put about 4 quarts of fluid in it. Since it began not reversing or driving, the battery has been dying. What is your professional opinion as to what may be wrong with the car? How much will it cost to repair?

how do i replace the windshield washer pump

what is an axle seal leak in the front of my accord? How is this repaired?

I have a 1993 honda civic ex with a 1.6 liter automatic transmission that has 218,000 miles on it. It's highway MPG is in the mid 20's, what can I do to help it?

My front passenger side squeaks like an old mattress when i go over a bump or uneven part in the road. My mechanic thinks it's the control arm. He sprayed it with lubricant, but I don't see a price on your site if it needs to be replaced.

my car would cut off,after it sit for a while it would start back up,so i replaced the fuel filter it stayed crunk for about ten seconds and cut back off

i just had an oil change and air filter change and when i come to a stop the car has stalled once and ever since then its been acting nit wants to stall every time i come to an stop,help.

code po420 and po171. 4 mounths ago.

my engine light is on is po420 or po171

i want change this in december in houston,tx. i dont have problems now but somebody told me that i need change every 100000 miles and my car has more than 150000

My prelude has been shuttering a lot from the front right wheel when I accelerate for about a month. The good majority of power is going to my left wheel when accelerating as well. Could this have anything to do with the ATTS?

my warranty is about to expire, will i need to have my transmission repaired at 92k miles because i feel a sudden jerk when i step hard on the gas.