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when i own my aircon,in a few minutes the engine will stop
Mechanic did diagnostic ran dye test-no leaks. sent me home. air worked for 15 min. then out. Back to the shop. Ran the air there and tested compressor - said pressure was fine. Sent me home. Stopped working again. 3rd time- he checked it while motor running and air blowing warm. said I needed a new compressor $1248.00. Help!
Often when I start my car, it starts and runs fine, then I drive it and a little way down the road, the engine sputters and loses power like it's going to stall, then it comes back to life and is fine for the rest of the trip. It only happens right after starting it and driving a short ways down the road.
I've had the catalytic converter replaced, yet the code still pops up occasionally, and then goes out a few hours later, and doesn't come on again for weeks.
when it is not working the odometer and cruise still work. when coming to a stop i can hear a faint clicking coming from under the dash and then it usually starts working but sometimes goes for days before it starts working again. any ideas were to start looking?
the battery has been losing charge recently. Last night I put the battery on charge. I realized this morning I charged it backwards. However, the battery had a good charge and all checks out well. Battery is good as well as the alternator. The alternator did have some corrosion. I've cleaned it and I am about to pull the spark plugs out(replaced them two weeks ago). If cleaning the connector on the alternator doesn't help what else could be the problem. No engine lights come on. When I turn they over and the car doesn't start the battery and oil light stay on
When ever it rains, I find lots of water on the floor of the back seats. The worst is the right side. Today I vacuumed about a gallon of water.. There was less water on the left side and a lot less on the front seat-passenger side. What is causing it and how to fix it??
I corrected codes 301 302 with plugs. rotor button, plug wires, rotor cap thé car still misfiring. pût black on testing machine. Showed same codes. rechecked. plug. sites for good convection and thé light. and codes did not reappear. i drive à few miles light comes. black on car act thé same why
my car won't start. I got a jumpstart but still wouldn't start. what is the likelihood that it an alternator problem?
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