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when i get up to 60 mph the transmission makes a loud noise but it shifts good and is smoothe? any suggestions?

Had a blowout on my left rear tire, hole in the inner area of tire...took out spare, removed lugs and jacked it up, but tire is stuck and wont budge there a release somewhere? what could be the problem?

Periodically while driving the engine would lose power, like it wasn’t getting fuel? Recently while idling in traffic it acted like it was going to stall. Shifted to park/neutral
And gave it some gas and it would return to normal. Doesn’t want to start but after a few attempts it finally cranks. Last time It turned over, started to stall, gave it some gas, reved the engine, it choked, sputtered and stalled. Hasn’t run since. Thought it might be the fuel filter/pump? don’t know where that is located or how to fix. The timing belt, water pump, battery, plugs, wires, rotor & cap replaced @ 120,000. Just turned 150,000 miles, maintenance light is on, but not the check engine light….any advice??

The cd player keeps ejecting the cd after trying to load

What can it be if my fan is blowing out cold air when the heat is on?

I've been told that 2 of the 4 transmission motor mounts on my 2004 Honda Civic LX need to be replaced. What should a repair like this run?

Had high pressure power steering hose replacecd. They got power steering fluid on the torque converter. Looked like a radiator over heating mist when engine stopped.

well i started my cat this morning and it would not shut off even after i pulled the key out everything still had power so i took my battery out does any know what it could be???

i need to replace some seat belts - can i do it myself or should it be brought in. What is the cost of replacing the back seat belts.

parks lights stay on after all parts disconnected.

I have a loud high pitched hum that seems to coincide with the gas petal. It is the most noticeable at 55 mph. Honda thought it was a slight noise in the transmission, but not a problem... another mechanic thinks it is the rear differential, but it doesn't make the noise in a turn. I already had that done. Is this what happens when your mechanic of 20 years is no longer around? Help!

What name brand, where can I buy, and is it worth doing yourself to replace rotors and pads?

2003 Honda Odyssey, 64,000 Miles. Always TCS and engine light come on at the same time. Used Actron auto scanner 9180 and found code PO740 TCC CKT malfunction.
History-I noticed trans. leak 2 years ago. My mechanic changed the trans. oil at the time, but the leak continued. For the past few months I have noticed that when the RPM goes up(specially in 1st gear), the car is low to respond. The oil dark in color.
I have read many contradictory articles and opinions as to what to do next. Example. Change oil or not. Flush oil or not. I would like to hear from all smart/wise mechanics out there as to what I should do and why.

My car start and park about 5 min. and the Check eng light on , Check it and find a code P1399 ,after run about 10 min. Turn off the car and turn on again the light come off ?
what wrong in my car?

What kind of warranties can I find on the steering Rack from a manufacture?

Took my car to autozone to get an OBD reading for my check engine light. It read:

"Primary H02S (no.1) circuit range/performance
Probable cause:
-Loose Fuel Cap (I Checked isn't the problem)
-Vapor Canister Saturated (No idea what this means)
-Failed vent and Failed surge solenoid (No idea what this means either)

and the second reading read:
"EVAP emission control system leak detected (control canister system)

Probable Cause:
-Open or short circuit condition
-Poor electrical connection
-Failed H02S (Heated Oxygen Sensor)

If someone can tell me how major these problems are and how much they would cost to fix.

there is a whining sound from the front right hand side, increases on turning


how much to replace

On the '97 model,the abs sensor is in the rear on top of the rear axle.I was able to disconnect the plug and twist it 360 degrees,but I couldn't get it to pop out!What should I do?

Bought the car @110K and went in for inspection. I let the Honda dealership know there was coolant level issue. They performed an "exhaust sniffer" test and "confirmed" it was a Head Gasket leaking.
The shocker is, when I asked for a quote they said $1,200 to replace gasket and possible upgraded to $1,500 if the head is warped and needs to be machined flat.

Is it defintively the head gasket based on their test?
Is that too high a price?
Can I do the work myself?

Thank you.

instrument lights on no clicking noise dosn't turn over

Head gasket was replaced by a family member. But I still cant drive more than 2 trips or else my car will over heat. I won't be able to start my car. I have to wait for 10 min when i start my car again it will have a rough start wait for 5 sec until it stops putting. I had basicly ask friends, co workers and went to 3 mechanics to get it diagnose even at the cerritos normhonda dealership inspect it they said replace oil pan gasket. Is head gasket and oil pan gasket the same? The car was passed down by my Aunt. Which she really maitaned. My car has 120k . Please help me i loved this car. I cannot afford to purchased new or used car.

It is getting harder and harder to shift into first gear.
manual transmission, 304,000 miles with the orginal clutch Honda Accord EX. No problem shifting into other gears

I need to know how to change my transmission filter and how much fluid it takes to refill it.

I got new brakes nothing to big in name but i was wondering how many miles should i go before they need changed again?

I recently purchased a Honda and the person who owned the vehicle before put a passcode for the User 1 in the navigation system, I am unable to change anything with the navigation without this passcode. Is there anyway of bypassing the passcode or finding it out?

i cannot remove key unless i remove battery cable

knocking noise around the belts. but im not sure may be water pump.

When I am at a street light my car shakes until I put it in neutral. Does that mean I need a tune up?