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This has been happening for at least 3 months. At first I thought it was the battery. But when I took it to Pep Boys, they checked it, the starter, the alternator and it's not any of these. It would take a few tries and then it would start. Now it won't start at all, no clicking or anything. Just dead silence. The clicker on the key still opens the door, and all lights on the dash and headlights are working.

replace distributor, ignition switch, fuel pump sensor. some days hear fuel pump kick in some days no fuel pump initiation

Thanks...I checked my vehicle.scan also not computer box damaged.i change it and my mechanic said that the issue is now in the battery converter please explain.

My car's air conditioning worked great. I could keep the dial on the first or second tick. However, when it got hotter than 105 degrees outside the air blowing wasn't as cold. When I went in to have it checked at a repair place, they told me it was totally empty of freon. Is it possible to get cold air with no freon? I suspect that they drained the freon. They wanted to charge me a lot of money to repair it and replace the freon. I'd like some other opinions, please. I didn't have them do the work saying I wanted a second price quote. My car blew warm air all the way home. I was drenched with sweat. I strongly suspect they released the freon in the car to hike up the price.

I bought the car used and there was a shorter belt used to bypass the AC compressor. I replaced the compressor and using an OE fit belt it was loose, tried other brands and same thing. I realized that the pulley in the back is a lot smaller then the one in the routing diagram I believe they put a smaller one to accommodate the shorter belt. Should I get this pulley replaced or try to find a belt that will fit? I can't seem to find what part exactly is needed to replace it.

Thank you for the answer
But still it was not fixed.It's now started but after 2 minutes stop.
My mechanic said that the issue is now in battery converter unit and he has to remove the engine to check it.please explain.Is it a big issue if I change battery conv unit

high voltage battery was replace 4 yrs ago because of a recall. I replace the spark plugs 8 months ago.. I

Keeps dieing on me dies faster when all my lights are one pretty sure it's something electrical

What does this running lean signal mean?? How do I go about repairing it?

I'm trying to get my car to past smog

My car had hail damage several years ago which were repaired after filing a claim with my insurance. Up until 3 months ago I parked my car in the garage. I just moved to a place with no covered parking and now, everytime it rains my rear window leaks around the seal and is making the interior get musty. How much is this repair going to cost me?

Hey guys, I really need some assistance here. So I just got gifted a 97 Honda Civic EX 4 cyl. It was running great but had plans to drive this long distance and wanted to do some much needed maintenance - oil change/filter, replaced spark plugs, spark plug wires, replaced air filter, etc.

Now that all thats done the car is having issues. I have done spark plugs and oil changes several times and know what Im doing. I gapped the plugs to 0.044 (as its suppose to be), used thread sealer, and inserted them hang tight. Went back and checked that the gapping was accurate for all of them and it was. Oil filter is on tight and oil levels look good as i checked several times.

Heres whats happening - while driving it feels like its misfiring, even going slow speeds and more so noticable at high speeds, it revs up really, really high then struggles to shift gears it feels (this is an automatic), and it will go all the way up to 3.5 to 4 rpms then shifts after sitting on that. While trying to go on the freeway, it takes a long time to get to 60 mph and once I do it sits at or around 3 - 3.5 rpms...which is too high. It used to sit at 2.5 which is normal and feels normal. Now I can feel it straining the engine and it I can hear it struggling because its humming loud from being at the higher RPMs. Then Ill have to push the pedal all the way to floor in hopes to gain speed and get it into the next gear and it will struggle and just sit at that speed. Trying to go uphill is the worst. I cant tell if this a misfire or lack of power from the intake or both. But I tested the air filter. Got rid of the old, replaced it with a newer one, and put it in a place where it could get better air access and no difference. It also will rev and rpms will bounce and go up as Im braking making me sputter to stops. The other big issue I keep seeing is I put coolant in the radiator and then some in the resevoir. Then it will overflow. So I drained it out of the resevoir, and just left what was in the radiator, and woke up the next day to find it bone dry. Then I did that same thing except I only put coolant in the radiator, and the same thing happened. All of a sudden its overflowing in the resevoir, and I have no idea whats going on.

This is so frustrating because everything was great with the car before, except no maintenance had been done for several years. Oil was black, spark plugs were toast, and the air filter was built with a dryer vent tube, duct tape and a massive truck air filter that was crammed in there.

Please help! I feel like Im harming my engine by driving this and I want to know what to do to fix this.

When its start straight it not but to put brake cleaner to the throttle its start,,compression good,,distributor is good,,I just change the fuel pump its still the same

Just noticed it today. Maybe the sun did it. It looks horrible. The plastic is all cracked below the shifter on the panel. Thx

I backed into a giant steel garbage box at a gas station and it didn't hurt my car much but on the side of the car it scraped a chunk of paint off and left one or two small dents

trying to find out if the AC compressor is belt-driven or electric-driven in my 2006 honda civic hybrid...

ac blows hot air and then cools at times

Brake job was done at the same time, could this be the tires need to be rotated/balanced?

general maint on car done regularly. worried about the 100k mark and the timing needing to be done.

once reaching 20 mph seems to go ok

If I don't replace it what will it hurt?

You can hear the engine load when turning on the A/C, but only getting warm air. Are there any easy inexpensive checks,e.g. hose leak (I checked the fuse).

Just had head gasket replaced a month ago

My blower doesnt blow on any setting. I had unplugged it checking rewiring the harness it was unplugged like a day. I decided to plug back in not sure why, but it started working. It may have even blew stronger. Thought it would never keep working once i turned off my car but it did the whole day. Then the next day it didnt come on at all again i wanted to check the ac refrigerant because although the blower worked the day before my ac wasnt blowin cold. I had just charged it and was working great til my blower stopped the first time.when ibought my car i had to rewire the motor harness because of a shorr and it has worked perfectly til now.

While driving in summer a chemical (unknown) is dripping from under the dash onto the drivers Toes and giving her blisters.this has happened for 2 summers now.

this noise occurs every time.

The green light on the dash doesn't come on sometimes.

dealership will not make a master key using my VIN.

At idol the high psi is 300 and vacuum is 50. At 2500 rpm. The high psi goes to 500 and vacuum goes to 30.

Idle problem

after transmission warms up and driving for a minute. transmission will slip at lower speed then after a bit it wont move. turn car off wait a bit turn car back on and car goes. there are no codes showing after driving for a bit or when first starting