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Always starts up fine. When old transmision went it was jumping gears then it wouldn't move at all. We just installed a new transmission & will not move at all still. Would like any help on what could be causing this. Thank all you dearly in advance.
I don't know if it's the slave cylinder or what bit cold weather made it worse
i was driving today and i noticed smoke coming out from my cars Hood so I pulled over and pop the hood open and I noticed that my radiator hose was disconnected from one side my question is what should I do and will my car be damaged forever
When i turn the headlights on the dash lights cut out and there is no turn signal
The tranny in my 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid (California emissions) went "PING!" and needs to be replaced.
The only half-way economical way to repair the Honda is to find a good used transmission assembly.
But, I understand that my used replacement transmission must be compliant with "California emissions"
How do I determine if a used transmission is California compliant?

Heater blows cold on drive side
Abs light on , handbreak light on, also sleppry light on.All the light on after some time of engine on. Can you please tel me how to fix this all problem
Can you please forward this fix info to me as well
On the front driver side the lower ball joint came out with the control arm. Also the axcel nuckel or out. Someone said replace the control arm but it doesn't seem to be broke what could my problem be
Vehicle inspection station flunked my CRV and said that the high mount third brake light in the rear had a clear plastic cover and this should be red and not clear. Understand that this assembly has an LED bulb strip which contains bulbs that emit a red light. Is this correct ? CRV is 2013.
is towing capacity the same with awd
2007 Honda Civic, 250,000 miles, corroded positive battery terminal, sometimes starts right away, other times have to try a few times. Auto part store said battery/starter/alternator looked good on meter. Its starting to take longer to start.
Power to the cluster but no click no start.
came on when center mount bulb failed. replaced correct bulb. all lights appear to work but warning will not go out. When starting car . The light below doors a jar light come on and go off. Step on brake pedal and the bulb failure warning comes on and stays on.
I just would like to hear the map directions come through on my audio in the car instead of the I-phone, how do I sync it?
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