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The vibration occurs at any speed and the banging is a hard metal sound. It's so bad that it sounds like the right front tire will fall off. This noise only occurs when turning left or bearing left on the road. These problems don't change no matter what speed I'm going. I'm afraid to drive it anymore. HELP!!
This car ran perfectly until timing belt change at 105K. Current mileage 160K. Since then MFI periodically comes on. Code says fouled spark plug(s) Changing fouled plug(s) is only a temporary fix (5 K miles). Dealer has changed all spark plugs, adjusted valves. Compression testing shows near perfect in all cylinders. Occasionally indicator light for hybrid battery comes on but goes out. There has been a rumble for some time when the electric motor syncs to the gas motor shutting down some of the cylinders. the VCM system The dealer thinks the fix to all our problems including spark plug fouling is changing the torque converter. We're slowly being bled to death.$$$$. This motor is computer controlled. I'm suspicious of known issues like the already mentioned VCM system, the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) or other electronic issues like fuel pump relay. Perhaps the computer needs to be reloaded like PC's. I know there are others out there having the same problems. Let's get together.
when I start the engine the P (park) and D4 (drive) lights are both illuminated.
Whenever I went to start my car one day it started up just fine, whenever I went to put it into reverse all it did was make a whining sound but it didn't move at all! But if I put it into drive it will move and sounds like normal! I need help for I have little to no clue of what's going on!
Stopped at traffic light in drive with foot on the brake. Light turned green let off brake hit gas van didn't move. put in park then back in drive and it drove fine. Happened once in the 2 weeks i had it. It still is smooth shifting and no other probs
Especially when I slow down, stop at the light or most times when I climb a little hill
Removed exhaust already
Last summer, I started having an issue with the climate control. When the weather started getting cooler, if I switched from A/C to heat, it wouldn't switch back to A/C with the climate control knob. After a few trips and a few more tries, it would switch over. After we switched it to heat for the winter, it obviously wasn't an issue. Now that the weather is heating up, we desperately need the A/C back on, but can't get it to switch back. Even with the unit completely off, heat seeps out. Any help would be appreciated.
All gauges & lights in cluster work except the 'back-light' for the temp gauge? at night, all gauges are lighted properly except the temp ~ 97 Civic EX Coupe ~ Is there a bulb i can replace? Thx Geoff
We are unable to completely lock the hood. The letch under the hood works fine, but the letch under the dashboard, once pulled to unlock the hood, does not catch to lock the hood once the hood is dropped to close.
This car has been packed for sometime. Change battery but car wouldn't start
What po code p0745 on a Honda accord ex 1999 4cyl.
Just started; takes two to raise window. Will work with help, but will start clicking again as I attempt to roll it (up or) down. Clicking sound is like plastic gears slipping. Does this sound expensive? Electric motor? or what?
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