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recently the car has been not starting i put key in it turns and all the lights radio etc come on then i go to start it and nothing happens. if i turn key over or apply a different amount of pressuer it starts sometimes it fires right up what could be causing this. It just stareted doing it. at first i thought battery then starter but it has something to do with the key and the ignition
how many quarts do i use
Ac compressor stuck engaged. Clutch is gone, along with bearing. Ac was disconnected by a wire. But must have stayed engaged and stuck, nothing will get it to un engage and I've lost my clutch in the process. I need to get it out of engaged and by pass the ac system for now. How do I do this ? Really loud scrapping/grinding noise. First noticed 2 months ago and it was the ac unit grinding metal. So disconnected unit. Noticed again today and realized the clutch is gone and the ac is engaged and won't then off. Please help. Stays on when car is idealing, running. Ac turned on, Ac turned off.
red door signs, and tailgate light also
i have a 96 honda accord lx, just had plugs replaced, now i have no power. need advice
I own a 1999 Civic Si with a b16a motor I'm currently using a chipped Po7 Ecu but I want to go back to stock and go with the p2t Ecu because I'm currently having issues with the po7. How do I replace the po7 with the p2t do I just remove the old one a connect the p2t Ecu or do I have to do something before i add the stock Ecu, for example do I need to do some special adjustment or something?
Workshop guy checked with Honda computer system and found the Fuel system malfunction Fuel leaner.
He did the cleaning for cylincer and brake system and than reset the system all the warning lights went off.
But after 2 days same all lights came on
Yesterday my car wouldn’t turn on I have a Honda Accord 2003 when I go to jump start it there was oil all over the passenger side of the engine and oil was basically completely Empty even though it had an oil change the same day
This car does not have a timing belt. Is serpentine belt a timing belt? The serpentine belt has been changed without my consent? Is this service needed at all? Thanks!
rejected for emission when you stop at light it will hesitate and don't want to move for a few seconds then it jump in to gear.
Just want to know if I have to remove the rear passenger wheel to allow replacement of intermediate half shaft bearing.
The whining noise continues when I drive the vehicle. Can you please tell me what is the cause of the whining noise or what may need to be done to stop the whining noise.
Thanks in advance
When it won’t start it acts like he battery is low. Once boosted it will function just fine for a couple weeks and then won’t start again. This is a daily driven vehicle. It only has to be boosted once and then starts fine for the next couple weeks.
Now there is no power to system at all. Just like there is no battery in it. And with key turned on my button to change gears from park to drive, reverse and neutral wont work.
Hi I have Ridgeline RTL 06 and I recently changed all my interior lighting to LED lights. I noticed after I finished the driver's door monitor indicator light is on. I thought maybe it was a faulty front door switch, so I swapped it with the back door switch. The problem did not go away, same indicator light was on, and because this indicator is somehow tied into the security, I can't lock my doors with the remote. I can lock the doors manually, however, the security LED does not come on. This circuit is also tied into the dome interior lighting. Therefore, the interior lights when the switch is set to the middle position (door) will stay on as well. I can turn those light off at the switch...Has anybody else had this issue. I would appreciate any help on this, I know there are a lot of ridgelines owners out there and any assistant would be great.
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